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Via Rose Santiago talks about sexual harassment.


Previously, Beauty Quinn says social media has sexually abused a number of men, including clergy and the renowned CEO & # 39 ;.

Posted on November 14, 2018 at 1:14 pm

November 14, 2018 1:14 PM Updated

Please tell me. Via Rose Santiago talks about her experiences with sexual harassment. Screenshot of Instagram.com/bea.santiago

Please tell me. Via Rose Santiago talks about her experiences with sexual harassment. Screenshot of Instagram.com/bea.santiago

Manila, Philippines – Another queen opposed sexual harassment.

Miss International 2013 Miss International 2013 (2013) is the first time Miss International 2013 (2013) has been criticized for its misconduct and harassment by various men following the controversy of Miss Earth, I talked about.

"Sexual harassment is a reality, but it is not just PAGEANTS!" Bea wrote on Facebook before she explained some of the events from her childhood.

"When the priest was young I was abused, and he is still preaching somewhere in Masbate."

She hinted at her interest at the age of twelve, when the 21-year-old "beauty contest winner" was said to have been born too late, leaving an inappropriate comment.

Santiago claimed that the "famous CEO" once inadvertently touched her and met again when she was a beautiful candidate. She kept the "ridiculous sound" to them while the organizer confirmed that the candidate was safe.

In another case she reminded me that a middle-aged elderly working person inadvertently touched her after trying to protect herself.

In addition to experiencing this experience, Santiago witnessed the harassment of others and said that he saw another queen being treated improperly while taking pictures. She can not remember exactly what happened in Congress or the Senate.

"She immediately told me (by helping me), so I put her hand to protect her from the old celebrity," Santiago said. "We just won the international convention."

Santiago emphasized that sexual harassment occurs even if it is careful.

"No matter how big / public / old / religious he is, he can still become a furber," she said.

She finished her post. Unfortunately, he did not say, complained, or beat the perpetrator.

"The words to help Queens in the future will move forward," she said.

Santiago is one of several beauty queen who recently talked about sexual harassment experiences.

In early November, Miss Earth 2018 candidates, Jaime Vandenberg, Abby and Clemens Brown, and Emma Mae Sheedy, claimed that Amado Cruz made improper sexual advances in their contest. (READ: Miss Earth 2018 Candidate Prosecutes Sponsor for Sexual Harassment)

They repeatedly called the women the details of the hotel room and asked some of the women for sexual favors in exchange for taking "sexy pictures" and getting ahead of the competition, even blaming them for grabbing the back of one of the candidates .

Cruz denied the claim and Miss Earth staff said he was too old and weak to carry out what he was accused of.

On November 12, Senator Risa Hontiveros submitted a resolution requesting an investigation of the case. – Rappler.com

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