Sunday , October 17 2021

This video of BTS 'AAAs Performance has a microphone distribution that is physically pissed

Wow, wow, wow, Azië Artist Awards. Help a sister. K-popgroup BTS – only The best thing to fit in my adult life – Just came the stage to show the prizes (see what I do) as their microphones are common did not work. How are my boys singing as an angelic birds when they can not hear? Fortunately, they are full of professionals and can kill the game even if they are a mik or two, but still. The video of BTS & AAAs performance clearly shows a sound problem and fans are over the piss. The striking performance took a full-time minute and required who knows how many hours of repetition! The worst that everyone can do, make sure they can sing or sing!

My most important men, Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, Suga and Jin did not come. Although every single and every single BTS show is unique and special, their AAA performances have not taken any points. The high energy, very complicated and optically striking performance influences the boys' hits "Fake Love" and "Idol" together with video editions that show off their choreography in & # 39; the world. Within just the first few minutes of boys on the stage, it was clear that there were microphones. Some of the lyrics were seduced by the backdrop and there was a clear disruption in the various members of # 39; the members. The full verses of rapporteurs went a great deal.

Yet nothing can stop BTS. They danced their frivolous hearts (I think I could hardly see any music until the day I'm dying). Also, I did not try all the texts of heart at the same time, and I'm glad I just wrote "FAKE LOVE!" if requested. Of course, however, many fans were so upset by the abuse of Twitter that blocked. Many people directed their discrimination to 'AAA' s direct, although it was their work to ensure that the sound of ' The night of # 39 performances until the period.

Here are some of the comments from & # 39; the angry ARMYs:

Contrary to one of the claims they were personal by show the prices and let Mexico know how to work in real life. Perhaps had something to do with the television broadcast? I do not know. I'm not a sound engineer. Note:

I saw tweets about bts mics not working but in the literal here and took video footage and they therefore worked in removing #AAA2018

Kris Jenner's law. This is a case for the FBI.

Fortunately BTS had a wonderful night independent. They won with several prizes, including the Enhanced Award, Korean Artist Award, Artist of the Year, AAA Fabulous Award, Best Performance Director Award, Best Producer Award, and the Super Glossary Daesung (Price) prize.

According to Newsweek, while the Daesung prize is poor, the Popular Prize is the most sought after because this winner is chosen by the fans. Remarkably, based on a response to the Great AAA BTS microphone movie from 2018, BTS fans take their address to the group very seriously. And if there's a positive side for this whole miscarriage, its from here, nobody can ever bits lip-syncs BTS. We have this performance that's different.

Here is the performance of BTS in all its glory (despite the sound problems) for your enjoyment. Enjoy it.

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