Friday , August 12 2022

The health authorities recommend 15 measles vaccinations reported in Michigan.


The Michigan Department of Health and Welfare recommends measles vaccination to people after 15 confirmed cases have been reported in the state. (MGN image)

MICHIGAN (WPBN / WGTU) – The Michigan Department of Health and Welfare (MDHHS) requests people to vaccinate measles after 12 cases have been reported in the state.

According to MDHHS, 15 cases of measles have been identified in Michigan in 2018, 26 of which have been reported since 1994.

Measles is a vaccine-preventable respiratory infection that can result in hospitalization, pneumonia, encephalitis and death.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the disease has a latent period of 10 to 21 days, initially with high fever, red eye, cough, runny nose, and bruising, followed by head and face to the rest of the body. You may be infected for several days before symptoms of infection appear, which increases the likelihood of exposure to others.

Officials said 142 cases of measles were found throughout the United States and there were many cases of international travel as of October 6.

Romania, France, Greece and Italy.

In addition, the Ministry of Health of Israel has reported more than 1,300 measles cases, including infants who have recently died from the disease. Myanmar's government insisted that the disease was imported by tourists and visitors who infected an unvaccinated population.

Dr. Eden Wells, MDHHS, said, "The vaccine is becoming increasingly important due to the increased number of measles cases." Immunization is the best way to protect families and communities from the fatal consequences of preventable vaccines such as measles. is."

A MDHHS official said the measles vaccine was very effective and safe. Adults who have not been proven immune to measles should receive the vaccine at least once.

The first two routine childhood measles vaccinations are given at 12 months and a second vaccination is given before the start of kindergarten.

For international travel, infants up to 6 months must be vaccinated against measles. Other people with measurable immunity to measles vaccination or measles are recommended for everyone traveling internationally.

MDHHS is involved in the I Vaccinate campaign to help parents protect their children from preventable diseases with serious vaccines. I Vaccinate notifies parents that they need to make informed decisions about immunization. For more information about vaccination and immunization campaigns, please visit their website.

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