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Swiss civilian aircraft said that a poll attempted for a tourist who had flown over a picturesque Swiss landscape, found a total of dozens of meters to the ground, to prevent his charity from being offered.

An nude video of the event has taken over 3.5 million points on YouTube.

The Orlando Sentinel reports North Port, Florida-resident Chris Gursky broke his first picking tour, eliminating a performance of a control and pilot of a pilot for the pilot to set up him.

The video editing calls the Swiss Misish begins with a written introduction and doubles on the two men, with a note that the followers of # 39; The passengers are not quoted.

* Helicopter pilot Alan Beck is one of the three Receivers of the 2018 Director of Civil Aviation Awards
* Failure with a solo most likely cause of fatal glider crash, says CAA
* Rising up in a permanent state of motorcycle work
* Hang gliding operation takes off in Cromwell
* & # 39; Remark remover & # 39; Pilot has been killed in glowing bullets at Twijzel

The problems started immediately after Gursky realized that he did not have a room.

He came with the left hand and the pilot with his right hand for most of the two minutes and 14 second flight.

The pilot holds Gursky's harness with his left hand while holding his right.

The glider was at a distance of hundreds of meters as it traveled from. the top of a mountain.

A nail video video of hanging-glucose incident has seen more than 3.5 million.


A nail video video of hanging-glucose incident has seen more than 3.5 million.

Spokeswoman Antonello Laveglia of the Civil Service Office said the burst of bursting around # 39; to govern the events of # 39; it would fly and would hear the control of the pilot, and possibly the other witnesses.

"Only with this information it will be possible to evaluate any further action," he wrote in an email.

At times the price dies, but the pilot decides definitively control, in & nbsp; the times up the shaky passage over the mountainline with mountains and a lake in the background, let's see the video.

To & # 39; s end of & # 39; Within four minutes of expressions, the passenger passes over a grasshopper and pilots. The title says that the passage leaves a fractured clock that requires surgery and shows a photo of a man in a hospital bed and a re-ray.

De Associated Press could really verify the authenticity of the video independently.

Christian Boppart, director of Swiss Hing Gliding Association, said he knew the pilot but wanted to respect his privacy as the case was taken by the authorities.

"The pilot knew he made a terrible mistake, but after that he made a good savings," said Boppart by phone. "The first lesson is that you check before starting everything is ok, and everyone is offered."

Switzerland signed millions of tourists each for his bucolic Alpine fistas, outdoor activities and other attractions.

Steering is a huge incident of a hand in Switzerland.

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