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Sigma's weapons, capacities, and eventually abort • The Game House

It's official, Sigma is the 31st and newest hero of Overwatch. With the announcement that it is flowing with Seagull, fans could see a taste of its weapon, capabilities, and ultimately, and a little more understanding of who Sigma is. With more details now on the new character, here's a more thorough look at his complete kit and what implications he can have on today's Metwatch meta.

Weapon: Orbs drive out

These orbs are projectiles that jump from walls. Landing both at direct hits does 120 damage.

Shield: Experimental Shield

The shield can be deployed with a fast speed, allowing players to rotate and protect from all angles. It has 1500 hp.

Ability: accreditation and limitation of damage

Accretion: This ability brings in a mass and throws it to the enemy who handles a large amount of damage.

Damage mitigation: This ability allows to absorb damage and give Sigma shield a result. It can damage up to a maximum of 800 total health / illnesses for Sigma.

Ultimately: Anti-Gravity Slam

The ultimate of Sigma throws a character in the air, holds it for a second and then smashes it for damage.

Start thinking

From the stream, Jeff confirmed that this hero would be called Mauga, until she began building the kit for Sigma. Sigma seems to be a thank-you who could break up the bunker metastatic and be an exciting new addition to the heroes' grid.

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