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Ronald Cardema No More NYC Chair: Palace

Former National Youth Committee Chairman Ronald Cardema. Map

MANILA – Malacañang said on Sunday that the president of "NYC" received Ronald Cardema from his post, to "his last" nominee of & # 39; A Dated Youth license would be replaced for the middle elections.

President of Specialist Salvador Panelo told the Commission to declare & # 39; Election of the elections that Cardema requires a timely subsidy for subsidy requires that he come from his post already.

"The president will soon set up a person who will prevent the real interests and well-being of our youth care as the new president of the NYC," Panelo said in a statement.

Although the Comelec still decides on Cardema's pledge, Panelo said the Palace had already said that Cardema had left his youth as commissioner of the youth.

"According to the outcome, we say that Mr. Cardema has already solved his current position, for his deed of discussion is again his intention to earn his bureau and to deliver his desire to provide the government with another capacity , "he said.

"The palace therefore asks Mr Cardema to withdraw his bureau and to hold all the official papers, documents and property in his possession at the office of his president," he said.

Under the Party List system deed, a nominee from a youth sector may not be more than 30 years at & # 39; The day of elections. Cardema is 33.

If 3:09 p. Sunday, Duterte Youth received 346,341 votes or 1.25 percent, based on 98.25 percent of partial and unofficial election.

The party list will be 2% of total votes in & # 39; get a batch list to lock in & # 39; the lower room & # 39; get a first round of sitting allocation. A group party group can come up to as many as 3 seats.

Cardema was called upon to claim a cowardice of an absence in & # 39; Earn a camping period or its position as a NYC chair to prevent campaigning for his wife, Ducielle. The fifth nominally of the group is another relative, Elizabeth Cardema.

Cardema, often associated with the Youth Youth Movement, was named chief of NYC last year. He replaced singer-actor Ice Seguerra, who was noticeable by "personal reasons".

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