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Pacquiao, poor and humble, great and victorious in England


Manny Pacquiao. AFP

Floyd Mayweather Jr. had amazing things in boxing this week, such as a sudden withdrawal from his first game in Tokyo in the year. But there is nothing like stunning speeches of Manny Pacquiao at Cambridge and Oxford in England that stuns and warms the poor Filipinos.

He seemed to be a superpower and modest player, adding another major crown to his sensational eight world championships, winning a win-win point with a hard-earned life pointer.

The great thing is that Winston Churchill, Robert Kennedy, Albert Einstein, and Mother Teresa maintained their status as though they were not the first timers in front of the debate group that they considered as guests in the past.

Unpredictably, he was surprised at the youthful age he could not stand when he was hungry and poor.

In Cambridge, Pacquiao did not have a chance to earn his degree in relation to his quiet self-esteem, and he was able to only take the sixth grade.

He explained it in visible light. "I have not allowed these situations to limit me, I am learning at Life University."

He said: "Poverty does not mean that a man should die poorly, and if he works hard, he can escape the shackles of poverty."

He then went on to a universal challenge to his wealthy audience. "Education, determination, and faith can change the world."

He was in complete control as he interviewed on the prestigious stage.

Veteran sports columnist Joaquin Henson said Pacquiao appears to have knocked out of Oxford.

Henson said Pacquiao was afraid of true desire to elevate mankind without any charge.

Pacquiao barely touched on his boxing career, explaining that there is a growing likelihood of rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. outpointed him in a monumental bout in 2015.

Pacquiao retained his unfinished business with Mayweather (50-0) after retirement to win the spectacular mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor in Las Vegas in 2017.

Pacquiao will meet Adrien Broner, the two world champions in Las Vegas on January 19.

However, the boxing world has begun to show great interest in the Pacquiao-Mayweather rematch.

Pacquiao said in Cambrige: "My idea is to make a clear decision on who will win with a rematch. I did not know for sure who won the last thing we did, he did not throw a lot of punches, but won the fight. I have a shoulder injury, but if there is a rematch there is no excuse. "

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