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Nasa public space ship plans to wear first woman after the month


NASA will land & # 39; build to take two astronauts from and to the month (Image: Nasa)

In 2024, NASA plans to launch a mission to land the first woman on a month-to-month basis as part of the Artemis moon reconnaissance program.

Now the details of the space ship will be used during this historic mission.

Nasa has announced an important step towards bringing astronauts back to & # 39; a month & # 39; and has issued a call for US companies interested in & # 39; providing an integral human landing system to set up the first woman and next man at a month & # 39; to 2024 & # 39 ;.

The spacecraft will have a & # 39; three-stage human landing system & # 39; have said that the two space people will bring in an orbital craft called the Lunar Gateway after the month.

It will then emerge from the backdrop to the deadly satellite, where the astronauts will be boarded by an Orion hairstyle for the 250,000-kilometer journey back to Earth.

"The Gateway will be our home base in a lane job – it is our command and service module for missions to the moon's surface. By using it as a gateway for the human landing system, its course around one month will give us access to the entire moon surface and a place to refurbish and refuel the landing system, & # 39; said Nasa manager Jim Bridenstine.

& # 39; This is no small performance, and building a landing system of the 21st century makes the best of our government and private sector teams. & # 39;

NASA will now work with private companies to develop the spacecraft.

It is planned to send two people to work on the & # 39; South Pole of & # 39; month.

Chinese scientists recently published new plans for a robot manned outpost at the opposite end of & # 39; a month at Nasa and the European space agency, it's also a private spa town & # 39; plan in the month of south.

Beijing earlier announced plans to launch a manned month mission within the next decade prior to building a north pole base.

& Prototype of robotically scientific research station will be at & # 39; a month, & # 39; Chunlai Li & colleague & # 39; s in a paper for the science paper magazine.

& # 39; Discovery goals will shift focus from & # 39; e space technology development, space science and space applications. & # 39;

The basis will be & # 39; the basis for building and exploiting future Lunar Research Station & # 39 ;.

As it is now, Nasa will hit to be the next nation that will land in the month – except dark haired Elon Musk.

He told Time: "I think we could land in less than two years on the month.

"Certainly, with an unknown car, I believe we could land on the moon in two years.

& # 39; So we can send two crews within a year. I would say four years to & # 39; an outside. & # 39;

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