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MWSS eye paramilitary group to limit waterborne deforestation

MANILA – The head of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sawing System (MWSS) said on Thursday that the use of paramilitary troops would be recommended to stop the lack of any water resources, including the military for the repeated water crisis in Metro Manila .

The lack of Angat and Ipo water resources in Bulacan is an important factor in & # 39; removing water in & # 39; the reservoirs are the rough water companies of the Metro Manila, Bro. Martin Francisco, president of the Sagip Sierra Madre Environmentalist Society Society, was said to be in a Philippine Star report.

Informed settlers in the water views, he said, trying to make an illegal logging and logging.

The Angat waterways have kept more than 90 percent of their trees, but the presence of armed loggers is reached in the Ipo water tank by Indians triumphed by the government to protect the area, MWSS said. administrator and physician – President Reynaldo Velasco.

"Special CAFGU (civilian military force captain), which is included in the & # 39; s privileges of" human rights "(ordinary people)," he said.

(We will advise the use of special CAFGU, because there are reported armed groups. The IPs can no longer access them.)

"I coordinate with Mayroon's names from the & gt; settings of & gt; gamitin (we have facilities that can be used)," he said.

While congressmen have to pay half of their CAFGU unit salary, while interested agencies pay for the rest, Velasco told radio DZMM.

The MWSS, he said, had 2.5 million trees to plant the Ipo wood in the last 3 years and would plant 1.5 million trees this year.

"We have to go in massive weather to correct the problem there in Ipo. In the case of Angat, we have to make sure that the obstacle does not become a mababawasan (the tears will not be reduced)," he said.

The Angatdamm may come lowest this week, the National Water Resources Board said earlier, after the loss of the water allocation for Metro Manila in the last weekend.

Some areas have since experienced rotational water services.

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