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Michelin launches first Cantonese food guide in Guangzhou – Guangzhou


Cantonese food is one of the most popular and popular dishes in China. This is why Michelin's gastronomists decided to announce a global guidebook devoted entirely to Chinese cuisine.

Hot on the heel of the inauguration Michelin Guide Guangzhou 2018, Michelin, official release Michelin Guide 2018-2019: Cantonese food in Asia, Europe and America Yesterday in Guangzhou.

This latest publication is the first time the Michelin Guide team has published a book focused on a particular dish, not a geographical location.

There are 89 Hong Kong, 39 Guangzhou, 29 Shanghai, 26 Singapore, 16 Singapore, 16 Hong Kong, and one unexpectedly in the United States in Norway.

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Gwendal Poullennec, international director of Michelin Guides, commented, "The Michelin Guide is internationally renowned throughout the world for its Cantonese cuisine and is highly regarded both in Asia, Europe, North America and the Pacific." These restaurants offer the complexity and richness of Cantonese cuisine Reflect and offer a variety of choices to suit all needs and all budgets. "

In Guangzhou (Guangzhou), Bing Sheng Mansion, Wisca, and Sky No., home of Cantonese cuisine. Famous restaurants such as 1 Bless the page Michelin's first Cantonese food guide. (To see the full list of honorable restaurants from Michelin Guide Guangzhou 2018, Click here.).

360 pages Michelin Guide 2018-2019: Cantonese food in Asia, Europe and America It can be ordered from Amazon at USD 24.95 and is written in English and Chinese.

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