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I think Victoria Secret fashion show needs makeup.


Following the recording of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show yesterday in 2018, it contains information on social media and news contests. I have encountered many stories, pictures and opinions about the show. Of course, we have not seen the show yet, but we have an idea of ​​what to expect: a skinny or coordinated girl wearing sexy lingerie and shaking the runway. Now I am a big supporter of confidence in my body. However, Victoria's Secret seems to have missed many points.

2018 was the 23rd year of the show, with the first show in 1995 and the debut show in 2001. You might think that brands that have been doing this for decades will grow over time. Well, they did not. They are racially inclusive, as can be seen by women of racial character, but they are missing something. They do not represent transgender, plus-sized, or disabled women's brands.

Just before the show was over, popularity I interviewed L Brands Ed Razek's Chief Marketing Officer and VS Monica Mitro's Senior Vice President of Public Relations. Reading through it, personally, I felt as though both of them had done the right thing instead of solving an excuse and the brand was going to move on and move forward. At some point Ed built Rihanna's brand Savage. "By the way, we brought three models of pregnancy to the show. Everybody talked about the savage. [x Fenty] Have a pregnant model on show. We see this, we are entertained on it, but we do not drink it. And all these things they invented have been and have been done by us. "We do not doubt what they have done in the past, but what is the next step? What will they do to make every woman more assertive?

Ed continues, "I do not want to defend it, but I do not talk about the benefits or merits of the Victoria's Secret brand, but if you want to hear it, then he and the branding women's agency and they have a lot of money I've talked about the donated VS. Again, it's great.Points back they're doing all these great things, but what about people seeing them? I want them to throw "real" girls.I like advertising and runway- I mean, I like to wear nice lingerie, too.

Because of lack of representation, Teen Vogue To find out why, Victoria's Secret is still unheard of. "Despite a drop in sales and a report on the success of a comprehensive lingerie brand,

First was transgendered actress, activist and model Carmen Carrera. "It is important to represent the transgender because we will represent the next generation and have a new awareness of the standard of beauty.I believe that we are true to ourselves, I thought I would celebrate the transgender model on this runway.

Teen Vogue We also spoke with Madeline Stuart, the first model with Down syndrome to walk in NYFW. Madeline is a big brand that represents every type of person, just as big brands like Victoria's Secret are forming an industry when they have a disabled model. [set] Trends for smaller brands. If Big & # 39; s Fashion Houses and designers can cast a model with a disability, I think we can do that, too, like fast fashion brands like Victoria's Secret.

Of course you can celebrate your brand as ethnically comprehensive, but not enough in 2018. Because all the big changes are happening in fashion, I think VS should hear and continue the conversation.

Photo of Corey Tenold Provided an Instagram account for the Vogue Runway

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