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Google Pixel 3 users experiencing an overtemperature issue, device is down


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Published November 12, 2018 11:40:56

Google, Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 Overheating, Pixel 3 Heating Problem, Pixel 3 Heating Problem, Pixel 3 XL Overheat, Pixel 3 Heating Shutdown, Pixel 3 Problem Google Pixel 3 users report an overheating issue and the device will shut down.

Google Pixel 3 users are reporting an overheating issue, which causes the device to shut down. Users went to Reddit, the Google Product Forum, and Twitter to complain about the latest issues that plague the new Pixel phone.

Report on 9to5Google, We also shared a screenshot of Pixel 3 that blinks to the effect that the device is too warm and is turned off by heat. In the Google Product Forums, you posted about an issue.


One post says, "We continue to use the camera for 5 to 10 minutes, overheating, and making video calls to whatsapp (15-20 minutes)." The user also shared a screenshot of a warning that the phone was overheating. Google has not yet issued a statement on this issue.

Another post on the forum notes that Pixel 3 begins to heat up when the user opens the camera app. Some people reported that the device warmed up in an hour and the battery was draining very quickly. Others posted when the company charged the new wireless charging stand with the Pixel 3 being heated on the tweeter.

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Check out the Tweet below for Pixel 3 charging issues.

Some users say that when the phone is charging, video streaming or music playback may cause the device to overheat and eventually shut down. on Reddit The user posted an overheating and termination during a video call.

One user said that this problem occurred during a WhatsApp call and that another problem occurred during the Zoom call. Others say they're having the same problem with Pixel 3, and they're having trouble using video chat with the LINE app.

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Also, it seems that there is a problem regardless of the charger in use. It can be an official Pixel 3 charger, Google Pixel Stand, or a third-party charger. Google has not yet confirmed that it will release a solution to this problem.

The latest overheating concerns in the Pixel 3 series include memory management issues such as users forced to kill apps in the background, camera apps do not save some photos, bugs that add notches to the side of Pixel 3 XL audio issues.

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