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Duterte fires housing

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has the number 2 officially of the # 33 best home of # 39; The government killed for all corruption.

In a statement, Malacañang spokeswoman Salvador Panelo said that the accusation of Falconi Millar, secretary general of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), was in sync with the administration of anti-corruption.

Former HUDCC secretary general Falconi Millar. PICTURE FROM FACEBOOK

"There are no holy cows in administration, especially in their drive to corruption. If the president has said, he will not even tolerate a bribe of corruption in the executive government of government," he said .

Panelo was not in detail about Millare's maybe dissatisfied.

Millar, a lawyer and certified public contractor who worked under HUDCC chairman Eduardo del Rosario, was to be rejected in corruption.
He said he was late on Thursday morning and was not fire.

"It's a officially demolished job. In protecting the importance of government, I have wounded some people," said Millar in a text message sent to reporters.

Power got him & # 39;

The storage was confirmed by the President Duterte himself, in the notice of the design of the Cavite Gateway Terminal in Tanza, Cavite.

Duterte said he had signed the millar for the event after reviewing the resume of the housing manager.

He added that power corrupted Millar, the # 39's position was to expend money from government units.

"I do not know, something in the way you see corruption and it is difficult. If you are there, secret (general secretary), you have the power, authority and power and sometimes you want your money to go almost every day to your pocket, "said Duterte.

Duterte called corruption in government, saying he had a hard time with her.

But he called the people for their perception of corruption in the exemplary distribution of # the government "rescued".

"We did not," said the chief director.

Marawi task force

Millar was the head of the Secretariat of the Task Force "Bangoan Marawi", which was formed for the repetition of # 39; the war Marawi City.

The serve came a few weeks to the bottom for the re-establishment of Marawi's "ground zero".

The prohibition broke down several times.

Panelo has said that Duterte was "unblocked" by the loss.

On Thursday, he announced that the provision of public services provided by HUDCC had "unleashed," especially the repetition of Marawi City.

Duterte has always said he would not sacrifice to dismiss the councilors with corruption.

Since June 2016, he has provided a number of administrative officials to oversee foreign travel, and some corruption.

The list contains former Division International and Local chapter Ismael Sueno; National irrigation administrative capital Peter Lavina; Social Security Commissioner Jose Gabriel "Pompee" Lavina; Maritime Industry Authority Administrator Marcial Quirico Amaro 3rd and Commission on higher education Patricia Licuanan.

Labor Supervisor Dominador Say And Tourism Wanda Tulfo-Teo Reduced In Corruption Opportunities.

In August, Malacañang Duterte's announcement was issued by Brig. Gen. Edwin Torrelavega, the head of the V. Luna Hospital and Col. Antonio Punzalan, head of the logistics office of the military hospital, according to all unauthorized purchases of equipment and accountability in fraudulent transactions worth P1.491.570.

Dutters refused at the same time the controller of the Philippine military academy, Hector Marana, for all-time injuries of P15 million value of terms of cadets.

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