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Dota 2: 10 most expensive beauty supplies

In Dota 2 it is not interesting that the player will focus solely on learning mechanics. It is inherently dependent on visual effects as a "video" game in particular.

As with cosmetic items, the aspect of improving the graphics quality of Dota 2 requires game play because the user provides aesthetic appeal, ambient effects, new ability icons, and animations.

Cosmetic items called "hats" by the community have different categories. There are "drops" in the game based on rarity, but there are things that can not be spoils of war.

For example, among all cosmetic items, "rare" emotions are released exclusively at valve events. Especially at The International I expected.

There are items available only on other servers, but some are free when you buy exclusive goods in real life.

Because they are subject to "limited marketability", they generally receive high marks in the steam market and sometimes are not available. Traders tend to exaggerate them.

FOX Sports Asia listed the top 10 most expensive items, except for the Crimson and Golden versions of certain Immortals currently registered in Steam Market, as well as unusual couriers.

10. Eternal Machine Head (Immortal) – Clockwerk

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The product simply offers a clockwerk with gold and silver, a gear-shaped mohawk, a bluish lens with a "poor bearer" eye-contact long hair, but is about $ 500.

It was possible for the original user to acquire during the Steam Summer Sale of 2014, which is to collect online Steam Trading Cards and make a "Badge" type of Merchandise shown on their profile to earn a bonus.

The head is given as the fifth and final craft, only about 100 copies are available, so we justify the current price without providing anything else.

He eventually reached the pinnacle of destructive power through Clockwerk's "Best War Tool" that the keen people knew.

9. Red Fog (Mythical) Ax – Ax

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Based on a game item of the same name that is common to him, this Ax item costs about $ 750.00.

It was originally offered in 2013, when the original Vanguard Shield was purchased at Weta Workshop, a New Zealand-based props company.

As the player picks up the Vanguard from the game, the hellwether eyes glow in the item.

The Vanguard shield has already been phased out and the item can no longer be used. During the re-release of the item's trust, Benefactor 2016's treasure, only 25 copies were provided for the entire community.

It customizes its battle hunger animations and shares slots like C The Baron's mantle, an immortal item that has a lava-like effect and a second selectable style accessible to unfortunate players.

8. Broken Greatsword (Mythical) – Sven

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The $ 770 Sven weapon was only available for the 2015 event, Nexon, Korea's Dota 2 server.

This item, which is relatively larger than Sven's other weapons, has electric blue particles and will give a heavier swing to his automatic attack.

However, when Sven's Immortal item Vigil Triumph was launched in 2017, the old items seemed overwhelming.

The new Sven weapons are enhanced by providing virtually identical ambient effects, similar to the size of Nexon's exclusive items, and by adding animations and custom ability icons for load-outs, spawons, and great cleaves.

Perhaps the intention to get this is simply to inform others that you can buy expensive things.

7. Tsukumo Moon Cloud (Mythology) – Mira Na

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Mount Mirana is the port name for the Japanese words "tsuki" (moon) and "kumo" (cloud), which is about $ 800.00.

This item, taken from East Asian folklore rabbits, was available in 2017 only when the community artists Artgerm and MarkNewman purchased the Mirana sculpture.

It has two selectable styles, and the first style is the implementation of the reforin. You can use custom spawning, idle, and running animations.

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The second style is a wild cat with dark blue eyes and markings in sky blue and white shades. However, there is no custom animation.

Anyway, you can alternate between gentle and cute rabbits and aggressive and cool tigers.

6. Dragonclaw Hook (Immortal) – Pudge

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The 2012 myth items, which cost less than $ 100 originally, have risen in price when Pudge became popular with veteran Danil. "Dendy" Ishutin. In writing, it sits at about $ 830.00.

This item customizes Pudge's hook with "claws from the left toe of a black dragon", so the chain looks like a spine. He also gets a "bone chain" from the back of his arm.

Its smooth apperance and light coloring can be surprisingly catching the enemy in comparison to more complex hooks like Pudge's other lovers, sad prey rings, Whalehook, Ripper's Reel.

5. Lava and Ice Baby Roshans (Immortal) – Courier

Dota 2 cosmetic items

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The smallest version of the game's most powerful neutral creep is listed between $ 900.00 and $ 1000.00.

Lava Baby Roshan has a "Touch of Flame" ether gem and a "Pyroclastic Flow" prism gem while the ice baby Roshan has a "frost touch" and a "glacier flow". Both show each element in detail and they move across the map.

Courier can only be obtained in two ways: Dosh 2 China Server Perfect World's exclusive tournament item, Roshan & # 39; s Gift. Or you can find out the promotional code for Roshan statue purchase during the Dosh 2 Asian Championships.

Depending on the courier, the player may receive Roshan 's Rage (lava) and Roshan' s Greed (ice) loading screen.

4. Alps Stalker Set (Immortal) – Ursa

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Having been criticized by fans for the first time in 2012, this Ursa set is now considered one of the most expensive on the market, with a total price of around $ 1220.00.

The set includes the following items: Lucky Alpine Stalker Hat ($ 660.00); Alpine stocker scarf ($ 310.00); Alpine Stalker's Pants ($ 190.00); And Alpine Stalker's gloves ($ 60.00).

The set was originally a rare thing, based on the wild west theme that Ursa wears cowboy hats, scarves, gloves and pants. No or no particles.

Many people felt that they lacked appearance and were not suitable for Ursa's legend. He indicates that he is the most extravagant member of the breeding tribe who once killed his "evil" in the forest in his village.

In fact, some players were able to defend the game but were immediately removed from the game. The set was used as the first immortal item in the game.

Because of this set, Ursa appears to be breezy, but will tell other players how wealthy the owner is.

3. Phractos (mythical) Ax – Ax

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Another Weta Workshop item is considered one of the most expensive cosmetics in the game and is tagged for almost $ 1700.00

If you want to purchase genuine products with an ax, you must purchase them now. It is not available to the public at this time.

The weapon appears as a double-edged steel and is still refined in forgings. It has flame and lava particles, and we make Ax & # 39; s Counter Helix.

Except for the Wyvernguard Edge, it is the only ax weapon that has a peripheral effect, so it is expensive and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

2. Monarch Bow (Mythical) – Drow Ranger

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Another Weta Workshop item is included in the $ 1730.00 list. The Butterfly Sword was purchased and offered in 2013.

The butterfly is based on the game items Butterfly and Monarch Butterfly, and has turquoise, denim and black colors. It is affected by the surroundings. The Bowstring glows in an electric blue color.

Every time Drow Ranger throws a frosty arrow, an electric blue monarch butterfly comes out of the bow.

Along with the bows of the bellowing winds, it is the only Drow Ranger bow with a frost arrow effect, but it provides surrounding particles such as a bow of frost arrows, bow of a solitary traveler, injected Algid.

1. Platinum Baby Roshan

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

This roshan courier is cheaper than some other cosmetic items, some of which are combined with an estimated price of $ 2000.00.

It was originally given to Diretide 2013 players who entered the Sugar Rush Hall of Fame.

The courier has the "Ionian Steam" Ethereal Gem and the "Pristine Platinum" Prism Gem (which is not available for other couriers including other Baby Roshan).

In writing, one Platinum Baby Roshan has been "upgraded" to the steam market, replacing the original prism gem with the Orion GoldBlue Midas Gold.

Since when did you get two new iPhone Xs with just one "item" price behind your computer screen?

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