Friday , October 22 2021

Clearly, Negros explains a groundbreak formation area


MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte since Tuesday he is considering placing areas of Negros-provinces under land reforms, comparing the feudalism in the region there he said that it would be a decision by landing farmers.

"There's a lot of trouble and it's been so long ago that I tell you now, the problem is just land," Dusty told reporters Tuesday.

"We can not come up with a fixed resolution of this controversy if you do not customize feudalism. That's what it is."

Duterte declared the plan for a month after unknown men who killed almost farmers in Sagay City, Negros Occidental,.

The president has killed the Communist New People's Army for the assassinations, while the National Federation of Sugar Workers believe that the private army of a Negros-Agriculture was behind the attack.

Duties say that the cause of 'fundamental problem in' the conquered region should be adjusted.

"This is the time when the landowners see the reality of the world, there is a law and I do not agree with the barbaan, it should be treated … The cause of 'cause is genuine … It is best for problems on land reform or the lack of land of these so many people, "he said.

"It's up to me, but if I like it or not I have to do it, there is a law that" the only way is really to follow the law and that's fundamental constitution. "

Duterte explains the need to place the land problem in the region to "use the communists" by virtually enforcing low-lying countries.

"Maybe make farmers from farmers, they go to low-lying countries and take up plantations," he said.

"I'm upset and I warn you that if you do that my regulation to the police and the military is to earn your money physically, and if you do everything wrong and put my soldiers and police officers alive, I told them You can walk ahead and write them. "

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