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Check with a medical professional for dietary supplements, says Financial Education Benefits Center – Press Release


SAN RAMON, California – November 28, 2018 – (

Knowing what to believe about dietary supplements can be difficult; Often assessments have been made on complementary with no research to read them. Two additives for recent processing of fish oil and vitamins D. Hoewol studies have been added, their fish and their myriad benefits have been made, the investigator or tax on self-reporting. One recent, large-scale study (called the VITAL study) looked at the benefits of each addition and found disappointing results. Financial Benefit Benefit Center (FEBC), a health and wellness membership advocate, advises discussions on how to use a medical healthcare provider to ensure that the person's supplement to the question is beneficial.

"Applying must always be discussed with a doctor," said Jennifer Martinez, manager of FEBC. "It is important to ensure that what is beneficial to you."

Recent study was the first of its kind with a long-term major issue size of 26,000 healthy adults 50 and older, with no history of heart disease. The participants took fish oil and vitamin D, Vitamin D plus plus placebo, fish oil plus a placebo or two places. It appeared that there was not only a benefit for vitamin D or fish, although analyzing a second data that the fish oil with 28 percent heart rate risk. Afro-Americans and people who did not have many foods were present to get the greatest benefits of supplementation. No serious side effects were indicated with either supplementation.

Although non-extra benefits can be a fish oily or vitamin D, the researchers have pointed out that they have both important nutrition that are needed for a well-balanced diet. When starting a kind of supplement, it is strongly recommended to discuss your diabetes and health issues with a doctor. With FEBC's Telemedicine Benefits, members can get quick and convenient access to non-urgent medical advice without leaving the home.

"At FEBC, our goal is to help our members live healthy and happy," said Martinez. "Our telemedicine facilities are just one, how we donate our health and welfare to our members."

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Financial Education Benefits Center is located in San Ramon, California. The membership has already saved a couple of money and needs the necessary education to live a financially healthy life.

Financial Education Benefits Center has partnered with various market names of Drenthe that provide the financial and educational products and services available to its members and also provide a variety of wellness services.

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Check with a medical professional for dietary supplements, says Financial Education Benefits Center

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