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Check out this TRD option for the new Toyota Hilux.


Anton Andreas / Toyota | November 14, 2018 15:52

Facelifted Toyota Hilux gets TRD treatment

Toyota Hilux's 50Work Happy birthday continues. Except for the limited performance Z Black Rally edition, Toyota has released a new TRD kit option for popular pickups. People in Japan can order TRD packs on the Z Black Rally Edition.

Like the Z Black Rally Edition, TRD Hilux has no chrome at all and replaces the gloss black process. The pick up along with the shooter gives the body a red highlight. The bright red TRD skid plate further protects the underblade to cover the off-road critical components.

The fog light housing has more red handles and features a new polished bezel that wraps the light. Also draws the grille from the same Land Cruiser as the Black Rally Edition. Instead of a general body molding step board, the TRD version has a full metal side step.

Check out this TRD option for the new Toyota Hilux.

There is also a sports bar in the bed and there is a TRD decal next to the bed and next to the door. Larger mudflaps can be specified in TRD Hilux. TRD Hilux boldly displays the names of in-house adjustments. Plus, it gets some performance boost thanks to custom emissions with twin tips. For audio enthusiasts, you can offer larger speakers and a 150 watt stereo amplifier as an option for JBL's TRD Speaker Set.

Currently, the TRD package is available only in Japan. Given that the Toyota Philippines provided a kit here, there is a possibility that the local market will be officially released as an upgrade to the Conquest model. However, it may take some time for the kit to go outside of your home country.

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