Friday , January 27 2023

Aboriginal people said: Do not continue to keep and sell.


BORACAY ISLAND – President Rodrigo Duterte reminded Aklan's farmland reform beneficiaries, including Ati of Boracay, not to sell their land but to keep it.

Duterte said in his speech, while distributing land ownership certificates to Manoc's beneficiaries, "Land is productive and when it is over, your child can sell it and be worth millions." Manoc covered courts on Thursday night in Boracay.

"There will be Ati, who will be rich someday," he said.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Menardo Guevarra said President Duterte could ban the operation of Boracay's casino without administrative orders.

"The president has the power and the tools to stop operating casinos, whether they are EO or not," Georauri said.

"The only benefit of EO is to establish long-term policy and provide an official framework for all government actions related to the topic."

According to the Agricultural Reform Program, 623 CLOAs covering 274.0352 hectares of land were distributed to 484 beneficiaries of Boracay and the mainland of Malaysia, Buruan and Tangalan (Aklan).

Duterte pointed out the importance of owning land to beneficiaries who called it "precious possession."

"If you want to make something, it could be worth millions," he said.

Of the 623 certificates distributed, 6 land titles, accounting for 3.2064 hectares, were given to 44 Boracay Ati tribal organizations or BATO members.

Meanwhile, in a speech by a BATO member dispatched on behalf of Tribal Chieftain Delsa Justo, the Ati community thanked the president for the restoration of the lands and islands given to him.

"We are very grateful that prayer to God has been answered and that our beloved island, which is slowly being destroyed, will be restored now," Ati said.

Ati expressed hope that no problem would arise if there were additional land given to them.

"We do not have to worry about land ownership because Boracay is a property of the government," John Castriciones, a secretary for the farmers' reforms, said on Thursday.

"The land to be given to them is government-owned and they will not pay a cent," he said.

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