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Yanapay Peru Bonus – DNI Account: How To Activate It To Collect The 350 Soles Monetary Subsidy | Step by step | Bonus 350 | LINK OFFICIAL | Midis | Bank of the Nation | NNDC | | ECONOMY


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The Empire will de Bono 350 —I also named Bono Yanapay Perú— after more than 13 million Peruvians, including those who have the so-called DNI account. Do you know how to activate this savings account to receive the new monetary subsidy?

As is well known, the government has set up five groups around the Bono 350. Those who a DNI account – a savings account of the Banco de la Nación for citizens to make payments, refunds, transfers and other transactions – they are part of Group 2, which will start receiving financial support from today, Tuesday, October 5th, according to the scheme of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (In between).

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The Banco de la Nación will start in the coming days creating the DNI account so that more than one million beneficiaries of the Bono 350 can collect the subsidy. For citizens to have this savings account, the bank specified that they need to activate it through the digital platform

“The creation of the DNI account will allow more than 1 million people, of the 13.5 million who will receive the Yanapay Peru Bonus, to access the monetary subsidy safely and without the need to approach the Banco de la Nación – agencies, ”he said. financial institution through a statement.

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How to activate the DNI account?

Once people have entered the digital platform, they should select the “Activate your account” option and enter their DNI number, as well as personal verification details, including their mobile number no less than six months and your email.

The Banco de la Nación confirmed that this process will be essential for the activation of the DNI account, a condition for receiving funds from the Bono 350.

He also specified that the transaction limits of the DNI account will be up to S / 3,000 per transaction and S / 15,000 in monthly transactions.

“The account cannot be used for transactions outside the country,” the financial entity said in a statement.

In addition, he said that users of the DNI account can only have S / 10,000 of balance in their account and only in national currency.


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The Pedro Castillo government has announced that it will provide a new 350 soles bond called Yanapay Peru, with the aim of helping people who are in vulnerable situations. Know all the details in the following video.
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