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Xiaomi was able to stop the Poco brand


A noise that starts to sound in the last few hours is the possibility that Xiaomi ends up eliminating the Poco brand. This brand was very popular last year by a mobile that could not offer maximum power to a lowest price. Was this rumored? Is it the end of Poco?

Poco of Xiaomi could disappear, according to an analyst

Xiaomi is for many the star mobile manufacturer. From now on, it starts to position itself as the fourth manufacturer worldwide; And the exceptional quality / price ratio is for many the cause of their success.

Xiaomi brands are born like Redmi, Poco or black shark (that's not owned by Xiaomi, but it's invested), with a catalog that's not too wide. And it seems that cuts in the area can very quickly arrive.

Lyts would be the first victim according to an IDC analyst. The reason would be in the lack of meaning Pocophone in a brand that was occupied by the Xiaomi K20 (Mi 9T in Spain) and K20 Pro. This tells Navkendar Singh, IDC India's research director at the Economic Times.

Xiaomi Redmi K20 / Mi 9T.

& # 39; Small was launched to provide high performance features to prizes in & # 39; The middle area, with clear indications in the design language. It was launched as an improvement for Xiaomi-based users who wanted a flagship without compromising bank account. But now, with the aggressive price of the K-series, with high hardware and design-level simplifications, the reason for Poco's existence is in doubt.

The analysts' statements are not something we find surprised to say that it was something that was much pointed out by the launch of this Redmi. They were even rumored to be The Redmi K20 Pro would become the Pocophone F2, reason to reflect on the relevance of the brand.

It should be noted that the explanation of an analyst, however much it makes, does not mean it really ends. We do not know Poco's road map at this time. And if we consider that Poco F1 was presented on August 22 last year, it would not be surprising if the promises are false and we know its successor the following weeks.

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