Sunday , December 5 2021

World TV Day: Peruvian earn more than three hours before the screen PHOTOS | Picture 1 of 3 | Technology


De television, many invention of '39s twentieth century and the 't in & # 39; 50 years in Peru, the world day was celebrated yesterday. According to students Kantar Ibope Media, the Peruvian is three hours and 18 minutes a day, in average, for the screen.

Although most of the television broadcast is with traditional TV, the use of Smart TV (33.9%)
and also via smartphones and other devices.

"The use of the dual screen is determined by simultaneous use of TV on the Internet. From Peru, the use of & # 39; Dual screen & # 39; In 2015 it was 15%, now it comes 21%, "he said. Francisco Carvajal, Director of Kantar Ibope Media of Peru and Ecuador.

For example, while exposing them to television, 48.8% of smartphone users also introduced social networks. The recent friendly football Peru-Ecuador, attracting more than 2 million viewers, thousands of tweets simultaneously.

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