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What are burpees? The incredible benefits of doing this exercise well


One of the cross-fit exercises that has caused the most uproar lately is the so-called “burpees”. It is a kind of anaerobic exercise that works different types of muscles such as the abdomen, pectorals, arms, legs and back. As you can see, it is a very complete exercise that allows you to maximize your body.

Mar Exactly what are burpees? In this article, we will discover what this exercise is, the benefits and the steps to do it correctly. Start taking care of your body right now!

What are burpees and what are their benefits?

A burpee is a type of anaerobic exercise, that is, it focuses on body toning. To do it correctly, you need to perform various movements, including push-ups, squats, and vertical jumps. With the full exercise you can work out different muscle groups and get a much stronger body.

Currently, burpees have become very fashionable due to the rise of CrossFit, a sports discipline that works the muscles intensely and together. We stand for a very effective and complete exercise, because it allows you to strengthen different parts of the body. Moreover, since it does not require any additional gym equipment, it is an easy exercise to do at home.

De benefits of the most prominent burpees are as follows:

Work different muscle groups: arms, pectorals, shoulders, abdomen, legs and buttocks.

You do not need any equipment, so you can do it easily at home.

It will help you improve your muscles and, also to improve your heart resistance.

It is ideal for showing off your body in less time, because it works intensively and completely.

Every burpee you do burns a few 10 kcal,

How can I do burpees?

Now that you know what this exercise consists of, we will discover how to do your burpees correctly. Here you have the steps you need to follow be able to practice in a safe and controlled manner:

– The starting position is to do a squat. You need to place your hands on the ground and keep your back and head straight.

– Now, you need to put your legs back and bring your feet together. In this position, do a chest flexion by bending your arms and keeping your back straight.

– Then pack your legs up and return to the first squat position.

– From this position you should take a vertical jump to elevate your whole body. You can raise your hands to make it easier for you and have more momentum.

– In the jump, you need to hit above your head to intensify the exercise.

– If you fall back on the ground, bend your knees slightly to absorb the blow and reduce the pressure.

– Squat again and repeat the exercise again.

It is advisable to do so 8 to 10 repetitions and rest for 2 or 3 minutes. Complete 3-series and you will be able to take maximum care of your body.

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