Wednesday , September 28 2022

Vaccination against COVID-19: How does Peru compare with other countries in Latin America?


Elmer Huerta, medical adviser to RPP Noticias and specialist in public health, commented that although the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in Peru progressing, it is important to place yourself in the context of Latin America. Thus, it is possible to determine in what context our country lies with respect for the region.

“First of all, we must remember that we are in the middle of the biggest vaccination campaign in human history. Second, the inequality in the distribution of vaccines is something really difficult in the world: there are countries in Africa and Asia where less than 1% of their population is vaccinated, while there are other countries that already thinking of vaccination. adolescents, “he commented.

The Public Health Specialist commented that “rich countries are 30% faster vaccinated than poor countries and the 50 poorest countries have only 1.9% of all vaccines done so far.”

“The tax is an important concept of public health for our listeners: if I have a country of 300 million inhabitants and I have a country of 30 million, I can not compare it in numbers. One way that makes sense is to try “to examine how much of one dozen vaccines has been given and what percentage of a particular country has already received both doses. In this way, you can compare country with country,” he added.


Countries that have at least one dose applied to their inhabitants:

Chile 77.7%
Uruguay 70%
Argentina 48.7%
Brazil 44.7%
Colombia 28.9%
Peru 20.1%

Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela fill the table

Countries that have two doses applied to their inhabitants:

Chile 61.3%
Uruguay 58.2%
Colombia 19.6%
Brazil 16.1%
Peru 12%
Argentina 11.9%

Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela fill the table

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