Monday , October 25 2021

Type of ceremony subdued by the duly declared dollar global debt | Economía | Mercados


The type of ceremony will take place at the harbors at the bottom of the demand for debtors of extreme inversions, in a sense that the local divide is fortunate enough to announce President Donald Trump's presidential announcements for adjunct arts.

A las 10:16 am (15:16 GMT) in the interchange rate, the dollar is up to 0.06% to S / 3.383, the superior level is s / 3.381 in the morning, segmented by Reuters.

The declarations of Trump, which are the expectations of a commercial deal with China, affecting the despatch of the state of the state and of the price of the metals. In fact, the value of the dollar was 0.25%.

On the other hand, the seventh day a precursor to the sum of S / 3.125 y S / 3.295 and a precision of between S / 3.265 and S / 3.627 on the average of the principal bancos of the city in the months of the year.

In the meantime, in terms of ceremonies and capital call, the type of ceremony will take place at S / 3.370 and S / 3.390 in sales.

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