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This may be the best time to buy the Nintendo Switch, which is cheaper than ever on Amazon with a gift included | Gaming


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With the advent of the OLED model, the standard version of the Nintendo Switch began to fall in price, with several stores competing to see who sold it the cheapest.

Since it went on sale, the Nintendo Switch in all its models and versions has been a resounding success, especially since it is the only console with which you can play several of the most award-winning legends in the history of video games, as well as all of Mario or the Zelda.

Now it has a new version, which has an OLED screen, already on sale in Spain, although at the moment very difficult to get. The one you can buy and also for a better price than ever is the standard Nintendo Switch, which Amazon for example sells for only 299 euros with a gift included.

With this hybrid console from Nintendo you can play in portable mode and also on your TV. The catalog of exclusive games is also one of its main strengths.

In the price, which is the same for the red and blue edition and also for the gray, 12 months Nintendo Switch Online included, the service that allows you to play with other players over the Internet and access the enormous catalog of classic games from the Japanese company.

The annuity of Switch Online is 20 euros, so it can be said that the real price of the console currently on Amazon is 279 euros, well below the 299 euros that Nintendo announced it would cost only a month ago.

Impossible to say, Nintendo’s catalog is pretty good, with top-level games in almost every category and constant releases. There are many titles that have surprised us so far in 2021.

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An additional benefit of this offer is that shipping is fast, practically instant, and that at this point in 2021 is good news. There are many brands that have stock issues with their products, some as important as Sony with its PlayStation 5 as well as Apple with some iPhone 13.

If you do not have Amazon Prime, you do not have to pay shipping costs, although if you do, your console will arrive in just 24 or 48 business hours, depending on where you live. Sure, you are interested in signing up for the free trial of Prime if you have not already done so and make delivery faster.

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