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The online store "Brands Of" is a Latin American product that aims to spread nostalgia, stimulate diaspora consumption in the United States and revitalize local economies through special discounts on "Black Friday" and "Cybermonday"

"Brands Of" was born in 2014 to help local producers in countries like Puerto Rico and Mexico. One of the founders, Alan Evela Taveras, describes how diaspora residents have easy access to traditional products on land. He started his business with his younger brother Néstor when he suffered a great economic crisis in Puerto Rico, and when the population of the United States went on a massive scale. The brothers then remembered how happy they were when they received mails from their mother in Puerto Rican typical Puerto Rican products while they were abroad and when they received a feeling of nostalgia awakened from them every time they received the package.

It is the sense of those who want to work with foreigners from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. The United States represents a strategic market for this initiative: 57 million people identify themselves as Latin Americans, about 50% of whom are from Mexico.

This explains the success of this branch of the company. "Brands Of Mexico", a year after its opening, already has more brands and products than the rest of the department.

The rest lost 40% of the local producers affected by Hurricane Maria, especially in Puerto Rico last year, especially.

This disaster on the island's economy has spawned a wave of interest in helping its people. Therefore, the number of stores "Brands Of"

First, although the market is in the US, Taveras explains that they are sending packages to other countries. "In Mexico we send a lot to Canada. They are also receiving our package in Cambodia, and we have a monthly buyer in Norway …".

And because there are so many Puerto Rico populations that are registered with the US Army, many products are available, ranging from US military service to bases in Afghanistan and Iraq, taking advantage of the fact that US postal services are considered regional shipments. Military scene. It is an honor for people in stressful situations to make our lives better. "Says an entrepreneur proudly.


The company has doubled its annual sales each year since birth, but wants to take advantage of Black Friday and Cibermonday (close to Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving since Thanksgiving) to attract as many customers as possible. They offer free shipping at all destinations and offer discounts of between 10% and 15% on the product.

Adolfo Santana is a Puerto Rican businessman and is pleased with the "Brands Of" service. His company, Viande Foods, specializes in a wide range of frozen products, making it difficult to get married by mail.

However, because they designed banana and san coco cream right away, the business is going well because they can be delivered directly to Diaspora.

Santana said, "It is about how the two companies meet up to form an alliance beyond recipes than an e-commerce company."

Emotional experience for consumers reflected in product evaluation: We do not talk about the quality of cooking of the same product, but we talk about memories of waking up the product and the nostalgia and nostalgia when returning to the island.

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