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They suggest that the Milky Way could sail the new planet in orbit.


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London, December 12, 2011 (Online Person) – A group of scientists have discovered that they can be two floating planets around a star in the Milky Way, and RT

According to a new study, a galaxy known as the galaxy's galaxy can house Neptune-sized planets, but there may be another planet with masses similar to Earth on the galaxy's disk. However, given the difficulty of finding a starless planet, it is not yet clear how big this planet is.

The study emphasizes the fact that small stars are much more common in the Milky Way than stars, Daily Mail emphasized.

Finding a planet that does not revolve around a star is a difficult task because the discovery of extraterrestrial planets is often based on the change in brightness that occurs when you pass in front of a star. If there is no change in the starlight, you need to use a technique called gravitational microlens to detect the planet.

The existence of the two planets has not yet been confirmed, but researchers say the findings will be consistent with predictions of planetary formation theory.

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