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The five properties that will determine what smartphones will be


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From integrating footprint sensors under the screen to regulate even four camera models, the devices of upcoming developments

From the integration of footprint sensors under the screen to even arrange the device with four cameras; Smartphone manufacturers work on users the most common and intelligent options that they offer to conquer and market the market.

On November 7, in SDC 2018 Developed Conference in & # 39; San Francisco, California's South Korean company received a first step for the advent of a new generation of devices by making various details of the Infinity Flex Display, the technology that feels the base for creating what your flexible screens are.

Set up a device with a screen on the size of a tablet that you can fit at any time and for as many times as you want, then press in and unpack it with no nuisance. This is the concept behind Infinity Flex Display, Samsung's technology that will make the flexibility of a flexible screen possible.

The device that is expected to sell from 2019 will have a measurement of 7.3 inches to make it fully open and offer tablet functions, with the ability to simultaneously come up with three applications. But once it is moved it easier to ease and easy to adjust, its interface is adjusted so you can continue to move.

One of the aspects that most users are looking at when buying a cellphone is the camera. The manufacturers have decided to set off the double camera's number and the number on the # to raise the back.

Huawei was the first to announce a phone with three cameras in the p20 Pro, which it also logged in Mate 20, launched October in London. Samsung has decided for her part to continue and put four lenses in her Galaxy A9.

Many questions often help to have so many camera apps on one device. Each lens has a specific feature that has been created without the user to make greater efforts, so the proposal makes sense in practice and good results.

The phone is, for example, what makes it possible to get an object attraction without losing quality, and the wide angle is ideal for making landscapes.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 has four back camera. The most important with a 2x optical zoom, another with a wide angle, another with artificial intelligence and a fourth with lens depth.

In launching in London, Huawei also developed a device called 20 X, which compared to the portable console of Nintendo Switch.

With a 7.2-inch OLED screen, the device is ideal for video games that search elegance and modernity, without the technical features needed to support their activity.

The large screens are a trend that will remain, and also the innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) that will follow the key: that the tasks become more personal and more personalized that the intelligent analysis of the images Executed to reach a configuration Auto adjustments when a photo has been included, and that translations can be made in real time are some of. Possibilities offered today and will certainly be improved in the coming years.

There is already a screen view that shows 3D content without glass values. It is the proposal of the Hydrogen One Network, the first phone in the world with a holographic panel created by the company Red (known for the factories of camera's).

The company makes use of a technology called LitByLeia, the # 39 visualization of optimized content in & quot; four & quot; (4-overview in English). Users have the ability to experience effects of flares, for example, in a 3D experience or characteristics such as skin, wood and metal agreements in a lot of genuine and genuine, according to the company.

In the phone, you have a 5.7 inch panel, you can view both images in holographic views and in standard 2D format, with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. The company says that both modes can easily change and without loss of brightness.

The A12 Bionic is the brain of the latest generation of the iPhone. Apple defines it as the heart of a new level of intelligence when using neuronal networks that recognize appetite by automatic learning, predicting and learning from experiences of users.

It has a new neural engine that has an architect of 8 times, which means that the physico-physical vaccination of five billion operations per second can be. The A12 Bionic has a six-core CPU and a triple GPU, which has a greater efficiency (up to 50 percent in power consumption), power and speed.

The changes improve the performance of graphics in # 39; an edition of video & # 39; s in apps with great graphic demand. The A12 Bionic is the processor of XS, XS Max and XR, which are also 100% recycled aluminum.

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