Thursday , October 6 2022

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16:00 p. m. Ministry of Interior We confirmed the death of six minors and company bus driver "GH bus". PNP personnel and fire departments must also be present at the location in the emergency room.

2:10 p. m. So far we have knowledge of the injured list after the accident of Chachapoyas. Raul Jiménez, tutor, Rivaldo L.L. Beymer F. B. (age 13), Miriam C. H. (age 40), Egner S. C. (age 14), Cristian R.J. (14 years old). (14 years old), Anderson T.C. (Age 14), Farith L. M. (age 11), and Fabián G. C. (age 13).

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Tragic traffic accidents were recorded on the highest point of the field known as Rondón this morning in the Rodríguez de Mendoza-Chachapoyas highway (Amazonas area). Five students were reported killed and nine injured, besides a tutor and 40-year-old woman who traveled with their teenage friends as a result of the accident.

According to an unofficial source, the bus from the GH company, which carried a delegation of sportsmen under the age of 14, fell to the abyss about 90 meters deep with a pile of garbage in the area.

PNP agents and firefighters arrive at the scene to attend an emergency, rescue the body of the deceased and help the wounded. Virgen de Fátima Regional Hospital.

The cause of the accident is unknown, and the police have completed the rescue work. Relatives staged a scene of severe pain.

Among the injured were Raul Jimenez, Lisandro Lewis Fernandez Lopez (14), Roiner Fernandez Baccala (13), Rivaldo Frances Lopez Lopez (14), Mirnickon Sierro Caram Pahuaman (40) (13), Matías López Meléndez (11), Brayan Aguilar Villegas (14), Leonardo Fabián Guevara Cruz (13), Cristiano Ribaduca (14)

The delegation also noticed that they moved from Rodriguez de Mendoza to the city of Chachapoyas and participated in the final of the Federative Cup. The win was stopped after something happened. We will continue to inform.

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