Sunday , December 5 2021

The BVL closed the week in a negative area by a sharp fall of South Copper | Economy


De Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) terminated the week with their key indicators in red dragged, especially by the strong return journey in # 39; the co-producer Southern Copper.

The selective index, consisting of the 18 stocks with the highest liquidity and capitalization of BVL, decreased from 1.64 to 495.68 points. Until this year it is a drop of 3.64%.

On the other hand, the general index of & # 39; The Buma Buma 1, 40% to 18,894,13 points. Up to now, it registers a decrease of 5.41%.

In & # 39; On the day a negotiated amount of more than S / 21 million was calculated in 308 operations.

The titles of South Copper, with mines in Peru en Mexico, has suffered a fall of 8.13% in US $ 33. This would be the lowest price in over a year and a half.

The fall of a copper producer, checked by Grupo México, was named after the rating agent Morgan Stanley the recommendation of her papers after a proposed law for the Mexican government that approved the approval of engineering companies before the mining permits have been approved.

So much are the papers of financial holdings Credicorp Also dropped 2.46% to US $ 218, in line with the shares Wall Street.

Source: Reuters

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