Monday , November 29 2021

Telefónica will create an subsidiary to sell its data center for up to 1000 million euros



The company has 25 data centers in nine countries, providing services to clients and internal systems of Telefónica in Spain and Europe.

The pressure on José María Álvarez-Pallete to increase the debt of Telefónica. The company has developed the proposal plan to create cash registers with its data processing company, according to financial sources.

Telefónica will make a business that reduces the business, the data is central to various of their daughter entrepreneurs. The operator claims in his 2017 accounts that Telefónica España and Telefónica Hispanoamérica are under the influence of business results of 's data centers in Spain and Chile. Before they were counted under the title "other companies," says the Spanish newspaper Cinco Días.

Earlier, the sale book is published, which will affect the total or total sales of new subsidiaries. Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the signing of Telefónica to execute the sale, up to 1000 million euros. A spokesman for Telefónica has refused to comment on this information. On November 6, the Bloomberg agency reports that the company has a representation.

The company has 25 data centers in nine countries, offers services for customers and internal systems of Telefónica in Spain and Europe. With them, the services in the cloud (cloud) provide businesses through eight facilities in Spain, three in Brazil and the same number in Colombia and Ecuador.

It also has centers in Peru (2), Chile (2) and Argentina (2), and also a large center in Miami (United States) and another in Mexico. It offers, among other, server hosting services, digital archives and business continuity.

The company has several open fronts to reduce its debt. In addition to the data centers, the subsidiaries of Mexico and Central America are negotiating the sale. The last one checks 60%. At that time he visited the IPOs of her Argentinean and British education and Telxius in 2016, but I could not do it for various reasons.

On November 8, 161 million he sold his insurer Antares to Catala Occidente. The material capitalization of 90 million with the operation. Telefónica also sold two courses in the digital domain, Tokbox and Digital Inc.

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