Friday , July 23 2021

so you can encode your backup to protect your messages and files

This way, if someone has access to our Google Drive account you will not be able to consult our conversations of the instant messaging application.

How to enable encrypted WhatsApp backup

To activate the new encrypted WhatsApp backup, the first thing to do is update the application to the latest beta. Via APKMirror you can update it by downloading the APK of its latest beta version ( or higher).

Once the application has been updated, in Settings> Chats> Backup you will find the new option ‘Encrypt your backups’ no end-to-end encrypted all our WhatsApp messages and files This new feature has not yet been translated into Spanish.

When setting up, the app will ask you to enter one password of at least six characters with at least one letter, or use a 64-bit encryption key that WhatsApp automatically generates for the Google account and that we need to sign up for restore our backup in the future.

Once the backup coding is activated, the new options to change the password or disable encryption will appear, After saving a backup it will now be labeled as end-to-end encryption.

How to restore an encrypted backup

If we reinstall WhatsApp on a new mobile phone, in the step of restoring the backup, it will ask us to log in 64-bit encryption key and password no download messages and files from Google Drive, If you do not remember the password, the messages can not be recovered. In this situation, you can only skip the restoration and therefore lose your history,

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