Sunday , August 14 2022

Rosa Bartra blames Judge Concepción and Pérez for documents submitted to Silva Checa's home.


Chairman of the General Assembly and the Jato Commission of the President, RosabatraOn Sunday, he said he would file a criminal complaint against the judge. Richard Concepcion Carhuancho And inspection Jose Domingo Perez, They considered the members of the hearing to have made false statements during the period of preventive detention Mass force.

"inspection Perez judge impregnation I did it again yesterday. I believe in crime. They repeated the lies of the Investigative Commission report and the documents raised at the Lord's house. Vicente Silva Checa"He said. Everything starts here. ~ By RPP.

"They said that such documents had sensitive information that might have been provided by the committee.In an attitude that seriously threatens the credibility of the judicial system in our country (…) Has the judge worked diligently to determine whether the document is a commission? I must once again emphasize that this document is a document of the Federal Communications Commission. I will blame both the prosecutor and the judge., This attitude is considered a crime. "

Bartra also thinks that two people were sent to jail. Keiko Fujimori And Vicente Silva Checa– Wrong claims and false claims. "I can not think of it because the report of the Investigative Committee has already been made public and I can fully confirm whether the documents found by the judge belong to the committee or not," he said. RPP.

Battra He said he applied to the State Attorney. Pedro Chabari, And the examination of the case, Jose Domingo Perez, And sends a copy of the documents searched in the house. Silva, Czech Republic"They jeopardized the prestige of the council committee, but he does not have it yet.

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