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Roger Federer: from & # 39; the snowshoe as well as another child to the best athletic history & # 39; shot history The Commerce | We're | Stories

Let's explain: it is impossible not to argue over who's the best athlete in any history. To convince is to camp. Jordan, in basketball, won six titles (the last with 35 years) and lost no final. Michael Phelps won more Olympic medals than anyone, Pelé was the champion of three world football championships, Usain Bolt is the fastest man in all history, Mohamed Ali had an impressive out-of-ring influence and we could continue. The list is without end. My opinion is that: by numbers, validity, behavior and professionalism, Roger Federer He is the best athlete of all time.

On Sunday he played in one of the most unbeatable finals to commemorate. Besides the longest (almost five hours) in Wimbledon's history, the Swiss do everything to defeat Novak Djokovic in five sets. He realized more & # 39; winners & # 39; (winning points) as the Serbian, broke the service from & # 39; Nole & # 39; seven times (while the Swiss only broke in three), created more & # 39; aces & # 39; and won more points on the net. All at 38 in August 8th. But he loses the three tie-bridges, which he says in the words of Jeremiah Gamboa "as criminals". Then the Peruvian writer agrees: "If tennis is the beautiful sport it is, it is for sports languages ​​like you and today you have been the winner".

Although he is now a man in and out of court – he has to have one of the few athletes in & # 39; a world that has no "guardians" in social networks – and he would barely make a responsible hand or advice to an opponent, because he was a child Federer He has a complicated personality. "If he had lost a game, he would pick up after the right-hand court and he would not stop, he would call and rattle his racket on the field," says Madeleine Barlocher, her first coach. The Swiss fun tennis so much that he hate to lose. On July 4, when he had to pick up his first racquet, Friderer was practiced in his home of his home in Basel, a tennis ball against & # 39; a garage door.

José Morón, editor-in-chief of the "Punto de Break" special tennis site, tells how & # 39; t the first years of & # 39; A Swiss had borrowed a year when he already showed an impressive talent. "Roger's start in Ecublens [escuela que lo reclutó a los 14 años] They weren't easy. His French was not very good and he did not integrate with the other children, he made it bad. That translates into behavioral problems and bad attitudes on a court. Federer did not accept the defeats or his bad game and broke many rackets, "he recalls.

First own Roger Federer He said that for his bad behavior he got punishments that he helped, a little, a more controlled person. An example: they made it 7:00 a. to the club there he trained and had to clean all the fields.

It was 14 years old when he left home to become the number 1 tennis world. What Roger never imagines is that he would be the best athlete in all history.

Why is it?

1) Validity: Since 2003 he has won his first Grand Slam (Wimbledon) until 2018, which was won at the Australian Open, Federer remains at the highest level. In that 15 years, he has kept a beautiful discipline, his game developed in a way that does not affect his physics, this elegance has not lost its uniqueness and became father and father.

2) He is a record man. Roger Federer is the only tennis player who has won 20 Grand Slam titles. Before he was not known who could be the 14th of the mythical Pete Sampras. He kept it in a time where two tennis players (Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal) were good at him. If that were not enough, he is the only player in the number 1 of & # 39; stay in place for 310 weeks.

3) Example of life. I still don't think of any problem Federer outside the tennis courts. Although the opposite, he has made a typical foundation that has preserved its name for humanitarian projects for children in South Africa, organized dozens of events for attacks on earthquakes, Catholics, etc., and in 2010 he was appointed take Young Global Leader through the Economics Forum World for her leadership and contribution to & # 39; society.

Luis A. Díaz, a journalist of the Marca newspaper of Spain, once wrote the reasons why Roger Federer is the best in & # 39; considers history. These were his words:

"Simply the best, for its elegance, for its respect for the rival, for its competitiveness, for its way of doing its defeat, because with Rafa Nadal one of & # 39; the largest individual squares Start a sporting story, because no-one has ever been involved in any controversy and if he has won, 20 Grand Slam titles have protected and all of them played as it was the first day, with the same ambition and great purpose of enjoying tennis. Roger Federer has always fought and he will always participate and has increased Roger Federer's sport, tennis, and tennis and sports in general. him the honorable title of best athlete in "history"

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