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PS5 | PS Plus: the PlayStation Plus games of May 2021 will be filtered | SPORTS PLAY

The gamers of play Station wait for Sony to confirm the list of free games for the month of May in the subscription of PS More, Note that the company opens every month the downloads of some titles in its payment system.

With PlayStation Plus you can use Sony’s servers to play online games; in turn, the company shares special offers in your console’s virtual store and also offers some free games.

In April, the municipality was able to download Oddworld Soulstorm, Days Gone, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Jade’s Ascension. All of these games can be played until May 3 on both consoles: PS4 and PS5.

As expected, just days before the end of May, the next free titles of the subscription started filtering. As reported by the media Areajugones these are the games we can download next month.

PS Plus games with 2021

  • Battlefield V (PS4)
  • Beach deep (PS4)
  • * Game to confirm

Battlefield V is World War II like you’ve never seen or played before. A mix of new and iconic multiplayer modes offers all-out warfare for up to 64 players on maps traversing untold and untold locations. Lead your team to victory with modernized moves and weapon mechanics, and customize your company’s soldiers and equipment. War Stories Single Player conquers war on a large scale through the personal stories of those involved in the larger conflict. “

“At Stranded Deep, you will find yourself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after surviving a plane crash. Discover underwater surroundings and islands as you search for supplies to build the tools, weapons, and shelter you need to stay alive. Experience horrible encounters against sharks, giant squid, and other marine animals. Defend yourself against attacks by wild children, snakes and other endangered species. Creatures are not the only threat – hunger, thirst and exposure conspire against you when you encounter treacherous elements. With a different experience every time you play, you have to stay awake to stay alive! Can you live long enough to escape? “

PS5 will have more exclusive games than other consoles according to Jim Ryan

There is no doubt about it PlayStation 5 enthusiastic gamers for its graphic power. Currently, you can play Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, among others.

The catalog of this console is slowly growing while the developers are working on new titles. Jim Ryan promises that there will be many more exclusive triple-A games on this console compared to the last generation.

The president of the company commented in a Japanese media that there will be greater competitiveness in the new generation of consoles, especially after the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft.

We have gradually invested in high quality games for PlayStation, and we’ll make sure the PS5 generation has more exclusive software than ever before, ”Explains the manager.

Of course, rumors suggest that Sony is considering buying or collaborating with more development companies to compete.

We have met several times purchases and acquisitions, including Insomniac Games in the United States. We will not exclude this option looking to the futureRyan agrees.

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