Friday , July 23 2021

Peru vaccinated 12% of its population with two doses and ranks fifth in South America

In the middle of a second vaccination in Lima and Callao, Peru vaccinated 12% of its population with the two doses against COVID-19. According to data analyst Juan Carbajal, of the Open Covid Peru, Minsa has succeeded in immunizing more than 3,900,000 people aged 45 and older nationwide.

“Officially, Peru has fully vaccinated 12% of the national population (two doses) with 3,954,548, according to REUNIS-MINSA records until noon on July 18,” Carbajal posted on his Twitter account, adding that Peru 5 ranks regarding vaccination in South America ahead of Argentina (11.88%).

Peru is the fifth country in South America to have fully vaccinated 10% of its population. Photo: Juan Carbajal / Twitter

Groups of 40 to 44 years will be vaccinated from 24 July

Adults between the ages of 40 and 44 will be admitted to the third vaccination on July 24 and 25, the Minister of Health announced, Oscar Ugarte, They represent 835,431 citizens in metropolitan Lima and Callao.

“Third vaccination, which is next weekend, will retain the goal of vaccinating those left behind, but from next Saturday we will start vaccinating those 40 years and older, “he reported.

How do I know if I’m getting the vaccine?

  • Enter the platform
  • Enter your ID number and accept the privacy policy.
  • Click on consult.
  • Finally, the website will confirm if you are in the National Vaccination Register and if you have a scheduled appointment.
  • In case they do not yet have a vaccination date, you will receive a message informing you when they count you: “You are in the National Vaccination Register. We are working to integrate the information of your date and place of vaccination. For now you can check if your fax is already scheduled on other official platforms ”.

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