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“people do not know the work behind every game”

Developing any installation is not a matter of copying and pasting, and Glen Schofield, veteran of the series, defends it.

“Nowadays, people think that Call of Duty is something you put in one chopper and another comes out. They are unaware of the work behind every game.” With these words, Glen Schofield, a veteran of the video game and history franchise with credits in works such as Dead Space, wanted to appeal to the public to appreciate more the development process of each episode of the action-shooter series.

I studied World War II three years before COD WWIIGlen SchofieldThere’s a lot of research behind it, For example, I studied World War II – he was co-director at COD: WWII – I worked with historians for three years, I spent eight days in a van visiting all the places presented in the video game, I shoot old weapons, ensfh. These are all things you need to do when putting a Call of Duty video game to work, “Schofield said in an interview with Edge, compiled in part by the VGC: Video Games Chronicle portal.

Call of Duty: WWII

Schofield goes on to talk about how, in order to become true experts, they had to deal with special forces from different countries, and discover their way of acting in a work of constant learning with a lot of video, reading, etc.

Internal competition in Call of Duty

With credits in four episodes of the saga, Glen Schofield is a Call of Duty veteran who can provide other internal details about, for example, the competition between the various teams working on the franchise within Activision.

“There is, of course. It’s strange, because we support each of the other studios, because everything that Call of Duty should sell well, though you always hope your video game is best received in sales and notes“recognized the American developer.” However, everyone lends a hand at one time or another […] We were almost like a brotherhood in Call of Duty, “he told the British magazine Schofield, noting how his team helped in the first Black Ops.

However, the future of Glen Schofield now goes through another successful saga in the sector, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, where he develops a special horror spin-off that goes by the name The Callisto Protocol, a title with which the producer opens the doors of his new studio and returns to the essence of Dead Space, which according to a series of rumors could also return from the hand of EA.

At the moment there are no official details of the new Call of Duty, other than Activision’s wish to launch it at the end of the year as usual.

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