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"Paper Justice": the documentary critic about the reality of our justice system The law


"Justicia de Papel" is the documentary that you just released The Chamber Dealerin which the reality of our justice system emerges from various perspectives: the supra-procedural burden, the dishonest conditions with which the superiors of the Superior Court of Lima work, the informality of the courts, and so on.

All this, so you can't see in & gt; 30 minutes from & # 39; filming, creates an atmosphere of distrust and micro-corruption that kills the reputation of judicial power.

As detailed, the judiciary receives 200,000 new cases each year, and in 2021, the year of the twentieth anniversary, the procedural burden will be more than four million indefinite files. It also refers to the fact that judges have a capacity to solve only 500 cases per year, but that they get over 5,000 in practice.

It is also called that in the country but one judge is for every ten thousand Peruvians. The documentary also presents testimonies of workers of the Lima Superior Court of Justice and the precarious conditions in which they operate. The case of a judicial worker who has worked in the same chair for 20 years.

Direction: Antonio Alvarez Ferrando
Research and idea: Rodrigo Cruz Arana
Edition: Rudy Jordán E./Luis Jacobo
General production: Christian Saurré
Executive production: Aurelio Arévalo MQ.
Post Production: Carl's Mayo B.
Voice Mail Production: José Manuel Romero R.
Edition review: Oscar Ramirez Ch./Carlos Hidalgo H.
Drone operator: Oscar Ramírez Ch.
Subtitle: Fabiana León C.
Post photography: Alonso Chero U.
Poster design: Carls Mayo B.
Journalist director: Juan José Garrido Koechlin

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