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Minedu insta al Congreso is reputed to 14 thousand docentes sin título | Peru

The Vice Minister of Education Pedagogy of the Ministry of Education (Minedu), Susana Helfer, for congressional students who did not approve of the projection of their automobile reputation at 14,000 doses of pedagogy. This document will be discussed in the Pleno.

"El Perú está esperando desde mucho tiempo una educación de calidad; el Minedu Estima much of the doctrines and vice versa of a permanent resident of their situation, but the study of the students and a better education is superior to everybody else, "said Helfer.

Comentó que no sería justo para los docentes she prepares for an exam and creates in the meritocracy that, pronto, a group of masters, make a prospect and reunite the necesary conditions, ingredients in the middle of the Carrera Pública Magisterial.

"More serious is that it is affecting the quality of education, for the sake of it Carrera Pública Magisterial Focusing on a great way to learn about young people and adolescents with the professors that are the most capable of providing the learning outlines, "said Envazio.

Precisely that the places that ten thousand are 14 miles docentes Currently, there are other ways in which you can match the correspondent exams. Por lo tanto, esas plazas ya están disponibile, anotó.

Recordo esos 14 mil docentes Tuvieron casi tres decades to get the pedagogical tone, but now the hicieron. Including, in 2012, these are one of the many places to present the present tense and incorporate into the Carrera Magisterial Carribean; sin embargo, pocos regularizaron su situación.

This is what this year, in the year 2014 el Minedu will take an extraordinary examinations and 14 thousand people will present a thousandth anniversary of the deaths of 500 people, adding that the Mayor of the country will have to admit.

In conclusion, there are educational remedies that their places of worship will be taken by professors who have taken the examinations exam Carrera Pública Magisterial, as many as the lay, agrego.

"El Minedu no longer sacrificing sacred texts sophisticated docents that respond to the needs of graduates and teachers of education, "said Helfer.

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