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Migrate to get a reputation abroad in Venezuela.

Santiago de Chile – Miss Universe When a beauty contest takes place in a few weeks, Chile will smile and smile with a thin brown-haired woman, and Venezuela's accent will be distinctly expressed.

Andrea Díaz was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela. In Venezuela, she moved her hips from the age of 12 and learned to walk elegantly at the local modeling academy's fashion show. At the age of 19, she won the tournament organized by the city's baseball team and became a goodwill ambassador.

Diaz's career, however, has now become a scarce type of job in Venezuela, where he returned to Mexico in 20 years after moving to Panama for the first time. Three years ago he settled in Chile, and most of his family moved.

At the age of 26, Diaz prepares this event in the gym in Santiago and says immigrants represent a "new Chile", a comprehensive country seeking new opportunities.

As Venezuela evacuates thousands of people out of daily food shortages and inflation, which is expected to exceed $ 1 million, dozens of notable beauty queens leave to work in models and media. Overseas.

Some parade with adoption nations at international beauty pageants.

Next month, Portugal will be participating in a Miss China contest by a former Venezuelan Miss Venezuelan contestant. Tierra Miss, who recently celebrated in the Philippines, is a Venezuelan who competes with Peruvian and Spanish bands.

Jessica Russo, a Peruvian native from her home country, said that her dream of becoming a beauty was not over when she arrived in the US a year ago. He said he would train for more contests that did not play in the final but hope to win the crown.

The beauty pageant is as exciting as Venezuela's baseball, which has been captivated for years by its charm and good looks. The country is a leader in international beauty contests: it has received seven Miss Universe crown and six Miss World titles.

While critics consider these unsanitary and outdated competitions, many in Venezuela have defended them by pointing out that hundreds of women in all their lives have helped them build up their career as models, actresses and conductors of television and news programs . Venezuela 's former Miss Venezuelan president became a market in the Caracas region and submitted himself to the country' s presidency even though he did not succeed.

But as the Venezuelan economy collapsed, many national conventions no longer offered a direct path to employment. Live fashion shows have been discontinued, TV production has slowed, and companies like fashion brands have not invested more and more.

Giselle Reyes runs four modeling schools for young people across the country, which she calls "the College of Beauty". She says that about 70% of those who graduated from the center have used models in recent years and are available in countries such as Mexico, Colombia or the United States.

Race is struggling to find a trainer who leaves the country as soon as he has a chance in the Caracas studio, decorated with celebrity photos that won the beauty contest.

Even the most competitive competition in Venezuela seems to guarantee graduates jobs nationwide.

Every year, Venezuela is televised nationwide and has six participants in a demanding academy that includes daily training, modeling classes, and workshops, and sometimes twenty-four participants who restrict students from having surgery. Cosmetic Surgery.

However, 17 of the 2015 edition participants appear to be working in Mexico, Colombia, Turkey, and even India, according to their profile on social networks. Data is similar between participants in 2014.

Many beauty queen in Venezuela who went abroad have said they have helped to make strict preparation in their country. However, they also feel relieved of the rigorous standards imposed by the event organizers.

Diaz said that when he lived in Venezuela, he had a bad skin wash and that he left small scars and red spots on both cheeks. The Venezuelan model agency began to reject this.

In Chile, Diaz won the Miss Band despite the spots easily covered by makeup. He was able to compete because his father is Chile.

She prepares for the Miss Universe contest in Thailand next month, and the jury will not focus on physical traits and expects to see her as an international woman who has moved around the world to achieve her goals. . She is motivated by self-esteem and dreams of working with young people.

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