Saturday , June 19 2021

Lucho Cáceres on Beto Ortiz after an interview with Zaira Arias: “The anger and misery of this subject is well known” | SHOWS

De Peruvian actor Lucho Cáceres comment against the journalist Beto Ortiz, which a exciting interview with Peru Libre’s virtual congresswoman, Zaira Arias, It is worth mentioning that the young woman had to leave the television after the communicator ordered her to leave.

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“Known is the kind and misery of this man who spreads shit with left and right of, but what does not stop my attention is that a little self-esteem and that low level of self-esteem should get its miasmas when tuned in. I know various … ”, wrote on his Facebook account.

Exciting interview between virtual congresswoman Zaira Arias and Beto Ortiz

On social media, the interview about Willax’s Beto and Saber program between Beto Ortiz and the virtual congresswoman from Peru Libre, Zaira Arias, went viral. Hours after that moment, the comments do not stop, nor does the controversy.

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Thus, the virtual parliamentarian decided to comment on her official Twitter account about the exciting moment in which she and the journalist. Arias accused Ortiz of harsh qualifications against her.

“Today we saw what ‘chicha journalism’ is, that which slanders and insults and does not apologize. He insults me with huachafa and terruca. Miserable!” He wrote.

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It should be noted that the district secretary of the party led by Pedro Castillo as presidential candidate, before leaving the set of the program, threatened to withdraw the space if Peru Libre came to power from the Executive.

“We’ll win. You and your show will have to retire,” Arias is heard saying amid requests from production members to retire. Earlier, Beto and Zaira had a strong live discussion.


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