Tuesday , October 26 2021

LG waves engines announced the new Alpha 9 image projector Alpha 9 for her 2019 teles


LG has launched its new series of OLED-TVs in 2018 in a range of models (C8, E8, G8 and W8 models) announcing the novelty of # 39; the free image of the Alpha 9 processor can improve the scale, motion, and microphone details of the image.

Now that CES 2019 is present, it's time to go through news and the brand has announced that his next TV should be a second version of this processor. called Alpha 9 Gen 2 (or second generation) can offer a special treatment of the image and maybe some features that are expected by most gamers like the HFR.

Start with the new one Alpha 9 Gen 2 Increases the number of stations for the processing of & # 39; the definition of & # 39; to achieve the video, according to their creators, hardness of the images minimizing artifacts, compresses and the classic sound prices in digital videos.

They also claim they have improved the ability of the processor to deal with aspects of the image like contrast or pasteurization With new algorithms you use seven or more color revisions as in previous versions.

Alpha 9 processor 7

But without one of the novels of this year will be the prospect of being able to deal with videos HFR (High Frame Rate) or high fraternity 100 and 120 fps, although they do not signal if these features are also offered by HDMI inputs such as forex PC players searching for this feature.

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