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Learn about the sad story of El Shamuco, a character in the adventures of La Uchulú | Farándula | Pucallpa | social networks | YouTube | MISCELLANEOUS

De Uchulú He has become one of the most beloved characters on Peruvian TV because of his participation in The Chola Blowout and also in Artist of the Year, In addition, she creates content on her social networks with her friends.

In her YouTube and Facebook videos, La Uchulú is accompanied by characters who have earned the attention of users as their best friend La Tacacha and I The Shamuco,




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Through an interview for Correo, La Uchulú said that El Shamuco went through a critical moment in his life, which he overcame when he started recording content for social networks.

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“Al Shamuquito had put him in my videos because he was also going through a critical moment in his life. Before the pandemic, on February 14, I had gone to the disco and was also just waking up from depression. I saw him, very sad and sad, because it turned out that his father had died “, commented on La Uchulú Post,

He then went on to say: “He also had family issues and because I saw him sadly, we went back to talking, he started crying and that’s where I invited him to be part of this project, these videos. You have to bring joy in life, I offer you this, I said to him “.

The ‘Uchulú’: “They offer me ‘privaditos’ but I do not accept it”

De Uchulú He admits that despite the state of emergency that exists at the national level, they continue to offer him “privaditos”. However, he added that he will not make a slip again, as he did during the recording of the video clip ‘I do not know’ by the group Explosión de Iquitos.

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I will not disappoint my followers, so I will put more energy into everything I do and recognize my talent, The recording is over and I’m sorry, I know it was not good, but I did it because I wanted to pursue one of my dreams. After the storm came the calm and all the wonderful things that are happening to me “, comment.

Artist of the Year: 'La Uchulú' surprised the jury on stage
Artist of the Year: ‘La Uchulú’ surprised the jury on stage
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