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League of Legends presents all details of Yuumi, her new champion



Photo owned by: Riot Games

As mentioned earlier, a new champion will come League of Legends; it's about Yuumi, the magic kitten. In & # 39; the words of & # 39; A games room is a very accessible feature for those who are new to MOBA, even a great option for those who choose to play near their peers. To give us an idea, the developer gave a game video.

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The new championship will have the ability to support in areas where other services may not be as often as possible: Yuumi will support and will apply for the team-shooter or other aggressive partner to protect and sanctify; among other things, some offensive attacks to defend against enemies.

In addition, Riots games have asked the help of their players. The Latin America localizing team responded to the request of & # 39; players to integrate the popular phrase "Meper d0nas?"From a mother who knows everyone in a region. Fans can vote to choose the best voice that brings this special line to Yuumi in Spanish.

Show off Yuumi's gameplay

Return to the game of character. What makes the new support great is that you can include a link with another team of your team by giving statistics and varying their skill level & # 39; s benefits. You can say that Yuumi has a style that is yours Karma, with various tools to hang in, use, monitor, subtly rent, and blame line stitches.

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His drug does not only make a shield for them or the championship where it is connected, but also men go back to blow. In & # 39; a team fight you definately Not only does it generate enough damage, as a result of the same person with three wells or more, a mobilization that may be a definite movement in many games is true.

Yuumi can jump freely between her allies and therefore decide who to protect them or where they want to participate in any fight. However, it is not invariable if it is associated with an ally, as a result of the ties, it will be complete vulnerable and in danger.

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