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10:30 pm Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho provided 36 months of preventive detention for Vicente Silva Checa.

9:11 pm

8:46 pm Concepción Carhuancho confirms that a lawyer for Silva Checa wanted to interrogate a protected witness. 3 But the order was dismissed by reserving your identity.

8:41 pm The judge dismissed Silva Checa's allegations, which avoided charges of preventive detention orders.

8:26 pm The judge Concepcion Carhuancho ends with an evaluation element and provides answers to Silva Checa's defense.

8:16 pm "Protected witness 3 argued that Silva Checa was advising Keiko Fujimori in the shadows, all decisions were going through him," the administrator said.

8:13 pm Vicente Silva Checa, assistant secretary general, will become a member of the leadership of this criminal organization, where he was tortured in the shadow of Keiko Fujikoori leader.

8:10 pm

7:49 pm The judge quotes "fraud" in the San Martin area where Rolando Reátegui captured the "false contributor".

7:42 pm Richard Concepción cites an incident in Fuerza Popular about a report on false contributors.

7:28 pm Judge Concepcion mentions $ 200,000 donated by CONFIEP to Fuerza 2011.

7:18 pm "Judge Concepción says Odebrecht was involved in a political campaign because he was willing to take part in the bidding of the country and would benefit if the party gains strength."

7:14 pm Concepción Carhuancho cites a statement from former Odebrecht executives (Marcelo Odebrecht, Jorge Barata and Fernando Migliaccio). In that sense he remembered the phrase "Keiko 500 increased."

7:10 pm Concepción Carhuancho cites a statement from the former Odebrecht executive.

7:05 pm The judge uses the approval of the intercontinental highway (Odebrecht) bidding report as a factor of conviction by a vote of Fujimori at the 2006-2011 general meeting.

7:00 PM Currently, Judge Concepción Carhuancho reads reports on the bidding process for the Interoceanic highway with Odebrecht.

6:53 pm The judge ends up blaming the criminal organization. It continues to deal with crime charges of money laundering.

6:44 pm "You will be a good prime minister, but I will consult you," Silva Checa told Mercedes Aráoz.

6:42 pm Richard Concepcion Carhuancho confirms the declaration of Mercedes Aráoz that Vicente Silva Checa worked as a political operator of the Cupola of the Popular Force.

6:40 pm The judge Concepción Carhuancho cites a statement before Mercedes Aráoz commences the job of José Domingo Pérez.

6:35 pm Judge quotes Juan José Garrido, editor-in-chief of the newspaper El Comercio.

6:22 pm Japanuez states: Protected witnesses have argued that Fuerza Popular wants to put pressure on the constitutional wishes of the ministers' national prosecutions individually.

6:18 pm According to the law of probation, chat is not used as a factor in conviction.

6:14 pm

6:12 pm

6:07 pm "Judge Vicente Silva Checa of Fuerza Popular said," Document discovery will highlight the role of political and legal advice in the shadow of this organization.

5:52 p.m.

5:48 p.m. "The public Fuerza's dome wanted to plant itself with César Hinostroza," a protective eyewitness said.

5:46 p.m. The judge read a statement from a protected witness claiming that the people's power leadership led by Keiko Fujimori "planned to make friends with CNM." From there it is derived in the case of Hinostroza and Audios CNM.

5:40 p.m. "Vicente Silva Checa was not in the official board (Fuerza 2011), but it was in the criminal structure it had taken from this criminal organization," Judge Concepcion says.

5:38 p.m. Judge Concepción Carhuancho reported that in Fuerza Popular (Fuerza 2011), 43 beliefs have been found linking Vicente Silva Checa to a money laundering crime that constitutes a criminal organization.

5:36 p.m. To order a verdict on Vicente Silva, Checa will not consider it a factor in conviction because it is not part of his process when buying cable news channels from Montesinos and Fujimori.

5:35 p.m. In the case of the judge Concepción Carhuancho, the fact that Keiko Fujimori and Vicente Silva Checa returned to Peru from overseas trips is not considered.

5:26 p.m.

5:16 p.m. Judge Concepción Carhuancho read an analysis of preventive detention for Silva Checa.

3:17 p.m. The judge informs Vicente Silva Checa of the pause before reading the decision.

3:13 p.m. Attorney Julio César Espinoza has the opportunity to add details about the sponsored Vicente Silva Checa.

3:57 p.m. Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez talks about the relationship between Vice President Mercedes Aráoz and Vicente Silva Checa.

3:55 pm Judge Concepción Carhuancho expects to have already decided on Vicente Silva Checa.

3:51 p.m. José Domingo Pérez inspectors detail how money can be washed.

3:46 p.m. Yoshiyama Sasaki declines to pre-arrange overseas travel already scheduled.

3:46 p.m. Jorge Yoshiyama speaks at the hearing.

3:41 p.m. Julio César Espinoza, a lawyer, rejected the prosecution's request, arguing that there was an order not covered by the criminal code regarding the elements of the conviction.

3:32 p.m. The prosecutor will support the proportionality of preventive detentions.

3:25 pm Jose Domingo Perez confirms his position in front of the claims of Yoshiyama's defense.

3:16 p.m. The prosecutor of José Domingo Pérez continues to insist on Jorge Yoshiyama.

3:15 p.m. Cocktails and Odebrecht have resumed sessions to assess preventive detention for investigation.

1:15 pm judge Richard Concepcion Until the session is up. 3:00 pm

12:43 PM Espinoza lawyer confirmed that there is no contradiction in the address of Yoshiyama.

11:59 am Inspector Perez, who issued a search warrant to Yoshiyama's house on October 12, said, "The goods, pictures, cardboard, paper boxes, adhesive tape,For saleIn response, he asks a lawyer to explain. Espinosa What is the true address of the research subject?

11:52 AM Perez testified that he had a second procedural budget and warned that Yoshiyama could be punished between 19 and 24 years. His counterpart, Julio Espinoza, said the first budget was not verified Precautions I asked.

11:29 am Espinoza said, "The test hypothesis is that the party has received a donation." As for the source of the fund and the source of the illegality, "No one knew the situation until 2014," said Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

11:05 a.m. Attorney at Jorge Yoshiyama, Julio EspinozaIntervene and support defendant's defense.

11:02 a.m. "With a statement provided by Jorge Barata's attorney, Pérez said," With regard to Powerpoint announcements, Yoshiyama Letters are not easy to read.

10:53 am "His attorney showed us that there was a penalty for the criminal content, and he acknowledged that the client committed a criminal offense," Perez stressed. However, he is not only a common lie, Money laundering "Accounting for counterfeit, misrepresentation ONPE, Stock fraud, tax fraud ".

10:42 am The money laundering prosecutor again refers to TP 2017-55-3, he notes that Cesar Hinostroja Keiko Fujimori "To give him the benefit of hindering the proceedings of the judicial proceedings that follow him." It is also called "White collar of the harbor& # 39;

10:32 am Domingo Perez, referring to Pedro Chávarry, made it clear that "all the lawyers lie is not respectful" and tells the lawyer, "If your lawyer did not attend with the defendant, your statement.

10:23 am Judge Carhuancho resumes the hearing by giving floor and replying to the prosecutor. Domingo Perez. Officials noted in files 462-2017, "Trujillo's Second Preliminary Investigation Court decides to issue a judgment on the sentence of preventive detention for five groups charged with 10 of them, and confirms that there is a precedent in favor of his position do.

10 am In a nutshell, the first pre-trial court will Jorge Yoshiyama.

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Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho stopped the hearing on Friday afternoon with the diligence José Domingo Pérez had to perform. Mercedes Aráoz After confirming that she met one of the people investigated by Fuerza Popular, Vicente Silva Checa.

In this way, the judge will have an unfinished hearing today Jorge YoshiyamaFormer dictator Alberto Fujimori, ex-Minister of the former minister in the age of Jaime Yoshiyama. Thus, in the process, Perez testified that the defendant was at the "co-operative" level of the criminal organization. Mass force.

Last Wednesday, First Court of Preliminary Investigation Assess the situation of an employer Giancarlo Bertini, Exeransista's Fuerza 2011 party, today Fuerza Popular.

Also until now Camela Paukara, Ytalo Pachas And Luis Mejia. inspection Jose Domingo Perez Keiko Fujimori and 10 others who applied for a 36 month preventive custody application.

Richard Concepción is currently in prison, the leader of FP, Keiko Fujimori, Chorrillos annex women, It is not known whether you want to continue analyzing or resolving requests submitted by money laundering

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