Thursday , June 1 2023

Jorge Cuba Still Not an Effective Partner in Metro De Lima Case | politics


His lawyer, Erasmo Reyna, filed a complaint after Judge Juan Carlos Sanchez Balbuena announced the 18-month hurdle to leave former President Alan Garcia.

According to information handled by the lawyer, Jorge Cuba, who is sentenced to a prison sentence, Garcia"" Because we will change the statement, we will blame him, and what is given to him, we believe he has the freedom to refer to his statement of tort. Garcia"He added.

However, the source close to the Lava Jato team was rejected. Peru 21 "Cuba is not an effective partner so far and we did not ask for it to start again," they said, adding that the information is true. Sergio Jiménez, who was in charge of the Metro de Lima case in July, denied effective co-operation with Cuba.

Well, José Domingo Pérez's prosecutor asked for an obstacle to leaving Garcia for an investigation into the crime of money laundering. Work done by Odebrecht.

"It will now be investigated as it relates to citizens. Alan Garcia Pérez, who received money from the Odebrecht company at the hearing, is responsible for money laundering based on the tests the construction company has delivered after the restoration of the collaboration procedure.

"They have delivered documents about Drousys, a communications system between members of the Structural Operations Department (bribe division), which Odebrecht acknowledges has paid $ 100,000 to García through this department," the prosecution said.

Odebrecht used the "financial operator" Américo Espinola for this payment, which corresponds to a meeting of the APRA leader in Sao Paulo's Industry Confederation in 2012,

In his home, the former president said he was contacted by scholarship for the meeting. "Espinola is an important organ for organizing the event and asking for exhibitors. Now I have learned that there is a conflict to see who pays the money and the Brazilian company finishes it," he said.

He added that Odebrecht did not know there was a department with illegal funds or Box 2.

In the case of a joint offense, Pérez lawyer is Jorge Barata Garcia I traveled together with government authorities on February 19, 2009 in Cusco. A special meeting of the ministerial meeting was convened on the same day to prepare an emergency ordinance directed at the executive branch of the Lya subway construction.

But Pérez questioned whether the decision was based on an emergency plan that did not exist by then. "The project was produced only on February 24. They approved what was in the heads of those who participated that day."

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