Sunday , December 5 2021

Have you never purchased online? Follow these golden rules for a safe purchase


Usually, you will simply be moved from your store to save your purchases because you prefer to take your time before choosing something and you see a suspect looking at online purchases. Perhaps you can get these doubts as you are afraid of being a victim of a victim's fraud or other personal data or just because the product you never bought.
All these questions are fully valid, in the virtual world all types of platforms and guilty people want to wake up, but not afraid! The good news is that there are also secure spaces where you can make your purchases with the security you deserve and with the support of large brands and institutions.
Time to go fare behind
It's time to get the world of e-commerce, especially now that cyber days are coming, a campaign organized by the Lima Committee's Camera, which offers you the following services, so you can go to & nbsp; the website www.cyberdays. pe
1. Discounts you do not find in physical stores. There will be 70 brands that will participate in cyber days, November 26 and 27, that will provide between 50% and 70%. These types of offerings will certainly not be found if you go to the shop personally.
2. Payment in cash, with credit or debit card, payment in shop, by bank or by transfer. – If you want to accessibility, but you still have not so much that you can choose the data from your card you can choose to make a payment or a transfer in the bank. Cyber ​​Days offer different payment methods so that everyone can feel safe in purchasing, especially when it's your first time.
3. You can change your purchase if you feel unhappy. – All trademarks participating in Cyber ​​Days have a post-service service that you can have a good online experience. Note that there is always a time limit for exchanging and returning!
4. If you do not like, you have the ability to send expressions. – Thinking about people who need your products in & # 39; a short possible time, expressing your option. Yes, you have to pay a small shipping fee!

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