Friday , July 23 2021

George Forsyth revealed that Elías Cuba called him "delinquent" news

The mayor of The Victoria, George Forsyth, explained that he has been recruited by many topics, if he has office and that one of them is his predecessor, Elías Cuba, it has condemned him to "call him" again.

In an interview with Panorama, George Forsyth He was surprised to find several complaints at the beginning of his board and, most importantly, out of it Elias Cubas, you & # 39; have it described, in & # 39; ironic tone, as in & # 39; preview marker & # 39 ;.

"They give me, to want to keep the bottle, continue to park on the Fruit Market, want to continue earning the streets in Gamarra, want to work with cooperative transport companies; so what is your recreation: we'll get it, "he said. George Forsyth.

Elias Cuba is accused of & # 39; e band & # 39; The impeccable nobles & # 39;, dedicated to a collection of quotas for Gamarra's street vendor and the Fruit Market around the streets of & # 39; De Sieg This criminal organization also asked for payments for parking and for food.

Judicial power states that Elias Cuba Full 26 months of previntive detention. & # 39; The uncovered odds & # 39; were listed on August 3, 2018, in a collaboration of a national police and public ministry. 32 people were arrested and 35 buildings located in various parts of Lima traveled. Participated 1,380 agents and 60 light speakers specialized in organized crime.


George Forsyth revealed that Elías Cuba called him "him" for him again

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