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Gala Montes: what the actress of The Lord of the Skies looked like when she started acting | They take care | Netflix soap operas | nnda-nnlt | FAME

The popular Mexican actress Gala Montes, is captivating viewers with his lead role in the novel ”Designs of your love” The 20-year-old, also known for participating in “The Lord of the Skies” is no stranger to the cameras because she has a broad artistic career that supports her.

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His recent interpretation as Valentina, a dreamy woman who will fight to succeed in the world of fashion and be happy with the man she loves, has generated a wave of good reviews and has positioned the artist as one of the new revelations.

While the recent concept of Television, made by Oscar Ortíz de Pinedo, has put Montes in the public eye; Few know the beginnings of his extensive acting career, more than 14 years ago.


Montes began acting at six years, when he decided accompany your sister to a casting, During the selection, the director felt the talent of the little girl and asked her to participate in the project. So, Gala He became interested in entering this profession.


His first job was in the sitcom ” The Nanny ”, an edit of sitcom estadounidense ” The Nanny ”, There he played Elenita and had as colleagues Lisset Francisco de la O, Roberto Leyva and Luciana Silveyra, Unfortunately the show lasted only one season.

” The babysitter ” It did not have a good reception in the Mexican public, due to the poor adaptation. The project tells the story of Elenita, a high-class girl who has great intelligence and the ability to speak like an adult.

Through her Different personalities, the girl follows the psychiatrist. On the other hand, he desperately tries to get the attention of a mother, whom he will receive through his nanny Francisca Flores, This character gave recognition Montes, who continued to expand his CV with other projects.

Work your way up to succeed

After the failure of ” The babysitter ”, Montes he was not corrupted and remained part of some short films, plays, films and commercials, It was not until 2007 that he returned to programming children with the film ” By day and night ”, with Sandra Echeverría and Manuel Balbi.

In the 2011 play Cecilia Suárez as a child in the movie “See you dad” and two years later he joined ” Espectro ”, in the company of Spanish star Paz Vega. Other important roles took place in the projects “Amar de nuevo” and “Frijolito”.

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