Saturday , September 18 2021

Francisco Sagasti was arrested for genocide for killing by COVID-19 in Peru nndc | POLITICS

President Francisco Sagasti was charged with the crime of committing a crime against humanity, in the form of genocide, for death in Peru by the coronavirus pandemic.

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The complaint was presented by former Congressman César Gonzales Tuanama to the Subcommittee on Parliamentary Constitutional Accusations and includes Prime Minister Violeta Bermúdez and her entire cabinet.

Likewise, the constitutional indictment includes the former president Martin Vizcarra, to its former Prime Ministers Vicente Zeballos and Walter Martos, and to the entire Council of Ministers at that time.

It should be noted that on May 31, the Technical Working Group (GTT) created by the Executive to update the death toll from COVID-19 presented its final report to clarify the impact of the pandemic in the country.

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In these lines, it was determined that there were 180,764 deaths due to the virus between March 1, 2020 and May 22. A total of 89,884 deaths were recorded in the first wave of the pandemic and 90,880 in the second wave (as of May 22).

Last April, Gonzales Tuanama had already filed another constitutional complaint against Sagasti for irregular vaccination against the coronavirus of Vizcarra Cornejo, in fact known as the ‘Vacunagate’.

The complaint also included Violeta Bermúdez and a political sanction was requested for the three involved to disqualify her from practicing public administration for ten years. He also suggested that it be sent to the Public Ministry shortly.


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